Law Of Attraction The Driving Force Behind All Success And Failure

Law Of Attraction The Driving Force Behind All Success And Failure

Dear Success Seeker,​

First of​ all,​ I hope you're having a​ fantastic day. I know you've had some really good things happen in​ your life already today. I also realize there's a​ good chance you've been a​ little bruised and banged up by life's ups and downs.

What can I say: life happens.

But to​ leave it​ at​ that and not probe deeper into the​ mystery of​ yourself?

That's a​ mistake.

It's a​ mistake because whether you realize it​ or​ not,​ you're constantly creating your life. Take it​ or​ leave it...that's how it​ is.

To better understand this,​ let's look at​ a​ principle taken directly from the​ 'Limitless Wealth Success System'


"He ceased to​ fight for anything,​ knowing,​ as​ he looked back over his life,​ that resistance and resentment create an​ energy which is​ always destructive and that it​ is​ far better to​ let go of​ everything which can be held only under the​ "Law of​ Force" and use the​ energy toward creating something else under the​ "Law of​ Harmonious Attraction."

He Ceased to​ Fight for Anything

My partner Laura and I had an​ animated discussion about this the​ other day. Look,​ this is​ a​ warring universe. Not only are nations at​ war around the​ globe all the​ time,​ but positive and negative energies themselves are always in​ conflict with one another.

So the​ point I was making is​ this: you have not only the​ right but also an​ obligation to​ defend and preserve your home,​ the​ safety of​ your family and even your personal space.

You have to​ set the​ rules on​ how people can and can't treat you. if​ you don't,​ then the​ people who are driven by power without love will certainly walk all over you.

At the​ same time,​ what Laura focused on​ was so important I knew I had to​ share it​ with you - because it's about the​ Law of​ Attraction working in​ your life. She said this to​ me:

When life doesn't appear to​ be going 'your way',​ don't get angry and resentful. All that does is​ magnetize you to​ more of​ the​ same (remember: the​ goal is​ to​ attract into your life more of​ what you do want).

If your wife,​ your husband,​ your children or​ your boss..if anyone in​ your life does something that hurts you or​ invades your space,​ by all means 'establish yourself' and let them know what's acceptable and what isn't.

The Dual Nature of​ This World

But you have to​ leave it​ at​ that. if​ you continuously focus on​ the​ dual nature of​ this world,​ you'll only experience anguish,​ frustration and ultimately...failure.

(By the​ way,​ Law of​ Attraction is​ at​ work all the​ time! as​ I'm writing this,​ I decided to​ take a​ break for a​ minute and check email. I received three messages and one was titled,​ "Livan War real pictures". And I'd just finished saying that this was a​ 'warring universe!')

Frustration,​ fear,​ resentment and feeling like everyone is​ out to​ get you - these will all be very real experiences for you if​ you keep your attention on​ them and harbor these negative energies inside yourself.

So to​ start working with the​ Law of​ Attraction more proactively,​ here is​ what I'd like you to​ do: for the​ next few days,​ practice relaxing.

If something seems to​ 'go against you',​ I want you to​ tell yourself,​ "this is​ really working in​ my favor. I may not know how or​ why,​ but I believe it​ will lead me to​ better things. Say this as​ many times as​ you have to.

Tell yourself,​ "this is​ really working in​ my favor. I may not know how or​ why,​ but I believe it​ will lead me to​ better things."

Eventually,​ belief and faith will turn to​'ll know with certainty that you are powerful,​ you are on​ your way to​ having massive success,​ and,​ most importantly: your efforts are supported by life.

* You are powerful.
* You're on​ your way to​ having massive success.
* Your efforts are supported by life.

To Your Accelerated Success,​

Keith Matthew and Laura Roman Lopez

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