Law Of Attraction Classics Suggestion Is Power Vision And Manifesting Charles Bristol

Law Of Attraction Classics Suggestion Is Power Vision And Manifesting
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I recall a​ thrifty neighbor of​ mine who,​ although a​ man of​ intelligence and mature years,​ had his hair cut at​ only certain times of​ the​ moon. I don't remember whether it​ was when the​ moon was waxing or​ waning,​ but he maintained that whatever phase he selected caused his hair to​ grow less abundantly than if​ he had visited the​ barber at​ other times.

I asked him once where he got such an​ idea. He glared at​ me as​ though I were belittling his intelligence,​ and I never did get an​ answer to​ my question.

What I have said about plant and animal life may cause a​ lot of​ materialistic people to​ take violent issue,​ but it​ must be remembered that at​ work in​ the​ world are many forces of​ which we​ know little or​ nothing. Consider how many new principles were developed in​ World War II.

Without question,​ human imagination,​ visualization,​ and concentration are the​ chief factors in​ developing the​ subconscious mind's magnetic forces. You have often heard the​ statement,​ "Hold that pose!" That,​ of​ course,​ means holding the​ mental picture or​ vision. Here again,​ suggestion---repeated suggestion---plays its part.

For example,​ you would like a​ new home. Your imagination goes to​ work. at​ first,​ you have only a​ hazy idea of​ the​ kind of​ house you would like. Then,​ as​ you discuss it​ with other members of​ your family---or ask questions of​ builders or​ look at​ illustrations of​ new houses---the mental picture becomes clearer and clearer,​ until you can visualize your ideal house in​ all its particulars.

After that,​ the​ subconscious goes to​ work to​ provide you with that house. it​ may come into manifestation in​ any number of​ ways. But do you really care whether you build it​ with your own hands,​ or​ whether it​ comes to​ you through purchase,​ or​ from the​ actions of​ outsiders? How it​ comes to​ you is​ of​ no great consequence!

When you are after a​ better job or​ planning a​ vacation trip,​ the​ process is​ the​ same. You've got to​ see it​ in​ your mind's eye,​ see yourself as​ holding that job or​ actually taking the​ trip. Some of​ our fears become realities through our imaginations,​ just as​ Job's did. Fortunately,​ many of​ them do not---as long as​ we​ hold the​ mental picture only temporarily,​ or​ at​ least not long enough to​ focus it​ fully upon the​ screen of​ our subconscious.

The Biblical warning,​ "Where there is​ no vision,​ the​ people perish,​" is​ a​ fundamental truth,​ whether considered individually or​ collectively. For without the​ mental picture of​ accomplishment,​ little is​ done. You want a​ better job? You'll get it​ when you give your subconscious mind a​ mental picture of​ yourself holding that jo.

As I write this,​ I think of​ the​ many experiences confided to​ me by those who have used this science during the​ years. I want to​ give you some of​ their stories,​ for in​ them you may perhaps find clues to​ an​ even more effective use of​ the​ principles and the​ mechanics which I am setting forth.

Law Of Attraction Classics Suggestion Is Power Vision And Manifesting Charles Bristol

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