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The ether with which space is​ filled carries these Thought-Waves in​ all directions,​ and the​ surface of​ the​ earth,​ particularly in​ the​ densely occupied portions,​ is​ filled with these waves.

These waves,​ carrying the​ mental vibrations,​ coming in​ contact with each other,​ tend to​ set up combinations on​ one hand,​ or​ else neutralize each other on​ the​ other hand. That is​ to​ say,​ if​ two sets of​ waves of​ a​ similar nature meet there is​ likely to​ be a​ combination formed between them just as​ between two chemicals having an​ affinity for each other. in​ this way the​ "mental atmosphere" of​ places,​ towns,​ houses,​ etc.,​ is​ formed.

On the​ other hand if​ currents of​ opposing vibrations came in​ contact with each other,​ there will be manifested a​ conflict between the​ two,​ in​ which each will lose in​ proportion to​ its weakness,​ and the​ result will be either a​ neutralization of​ both or​ else a​ combination having vibrations of​ an​ average rate.

For instance,​ if​ two currents of​ mental energy meet,​ one being a​ thought of​ Love and the​ other Hate,​ they will neutralize each other if​ they are equal,​ or​ if​ one is​ stronger than the​ other,​ it​ will persist but robbed of​ much of​ its strength. if​ it​ were not for this neutralizing effect we​ would be largely at​ the​ mercy of​ stray currents of​ thought. Nature protects us in​ this way,​ and also by rendering us immune to​ a​ considerable extent.

But nevertheless we​ are affected by these waves to​ a​ considerable extent,​ unless we​ have learned to​ throw them off by knowledge of​ the​ laws and an​ enforcement of​ them by practice. we​ all know how great waves of​ feeling spread over the​ town,​ city or​ country,​ sweeping people off their balance.

Great waves of​ political enthusiasm,​ or​ War spirits,​ or​ prejudice for or​ against certain people,​ or​ groups of​ people,​ sweep over places and cause men to​ act in​ a​ manner that they will afterward regret when they come to​ themselves and consider their acts in​ cold blood.
Demagogues will sway them or​ magnetic leaders who wish to​ gain their votes or​ patronage; and they will be led into acts of​ mob violence,​ or​ similar atrocities,​ by yielding to​ these waves of​ "contagious" thought. On the​ other hand we​ all know how great waves of​ religious feeling sweep over a​ community upon the​ occasion of​ some great "revival" excitement or​ fervor.

The effect of​ these Thought-Waves,​ so far as​ the​ power of​ induction is​ concerned,​ of​ course depends very materially upon the​ strength of​ the​ thought or​ feeling being manifested in​ the​ mind sending them forth.

The majority of​ persons put but little force into the​ mental manifestations,​ but here and there is​ to​ be found a​ thinker whose Thought-Waves are practically "a stream of​ living will" and which of​ course have a​ very strong inductive effect upon the​ minds of​ others with whom the​ waves come in​ contact.

But it​ likewise follows that a​ number of​ persons thinking along the​ same lines will produce a​ great volume of​ power by a​ combination of​ their thought currents into great streams of​ mental force.

Then again there is​ another feature of​ the​ case that we​ must not lose sight of,​ and that is​ the​ Attraction between minds,​ by virtue of​ which one draws to​ himself the​ Thought-Waves of​ others whose thoughts are in​ accord with his own.

The contrary is​ true,​ for there is​ Repulsion between the​ minds of​ persons and the​ Thought-Waves of​ others whose thoughts are not in​ accord with his own. the​ contrary is​ true,​ for there is​ Repulsions between the​ minds of​ persons and the​ Thought-Waves of​ others antagonistic to​ their thoughts.

To quote a​ well-worn and much-used expression to​ illustrate this truth,​ "Like attracts Like,​" and "Birds of​ a​ Feather flock together." There is​ ever in​ operation this marvelous law of​ Attraction and Repulsion of​ Mental Energy- Persons allowing their thoughts to​ run along certain lines,​ and permitting the​ feelings to​ be expressed in​ certain ways,​ draw to​ themselves the​ Thought-Waves and mental influences of​ others keyed to​ the​ same mental key-note.

And likewise they repel the​ waves and influences of​ an​ opposing nature. This is​ an​ important fact to​ remember in​ one's everyday life. Good attracts Good and repels Evil. Evil attracts Evil and repels Good. the​ predominant Mental Attitude serves to​ attract similar influences and to​ repel the​ opposing ones. Therefore watch carefully the​ character and nature of​ your thoughts - cultivate the​ desirable ones and repress the​ undesirable ones. Verily "As a​ man thinketh in​ his heart,​ so is​ he."

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