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Then again there is​ another feature of​ the​ case that we​ must not lose sight of,​ and that is​ the​ Attraction between minds,​ by virtue of​ which one draws to​ himself the​ Thought-Waves of​ others whose thoughts are in​ accord with his own.

The contrary is​ true,​ for there is​ Repulsion between the​ minds of​ persons and the​ Thought-Waves of​ others whose thoughts are not in​ accord with his own.

The contrary is​ true,​ for there is​ Repulsions between the​ minds of​ persons and the​ Thought-Waves of​ others antagonistic to​ their thoughts. to​ quote a​ well-worn and much-used expression to​ illustrate this truth,​ "Like attracts Like,​" and "Birds of​ a​ Feather flock together."

There is​ ever in​ operation this marvelous law of​ Attraction and Repulsion of​ Mental Energy - Persons allowing their thoughts to​ run along certain lines,​ and permitting the​ feelings to​ be expressed in​ certain ways,​ draw to​ themselves the​ Thought-Waves and mental influences of​ others keyed to​ the​ same mental key-note. And likewise they repel the​ waves and influences of​ an​ opposing nature.

This is​ an​ important fact to​ remember in​ one's everyday life. Good attracts Good and repels Evil. Evil attracts Evil and repels Good. the​ predominant Mental Attitude serves to​ attract similar influences and to​ repel the​ opposing ones. Therefore watch carefully the​ character and nature of​ your thoughts - cultivate the​ desirable ones and repress the​ undesirable ones. Verily "As a​ man thinketh in​ his heart,​ so is​ he."

Some Thought-Waves sent forth with but little strength travel slowly and do not proceed very far from their place of​ emanation,​ but creep along like some smoke or​ fog,​ lazily and yielding. Other thoughts charged with a​ greater intensity of​ desire or​ will,​ dart forth vigorously like an​ electric spark,​ and often travel great distances.

The weak Thought-Waves do not last a​ very long time,​ but fade away or​ become neutralized or​ dissipated by stronger,​ forces. But the​ strong thoughts persist for a​ long time,​ retaining much of​ their vitality and energy.

In the​ same manner the​ Thought-Waves of​ a​ person will continue to​ vibrate around him wherever he goes,​ and those coming in​ contact with him will be impressed by the​ character of​ his vibrations in​ this way. Some men send forth gloomy vibrations in​ this way. Some men send forth gloomy vibrations,​ which you feel when you come in​ contact with them.

Others radiate good-cheer,​ courage and happiness,​ which conditions are induced in​ those with whom they come in​ contact. Many people will manifest these qualities so strongly that one can notice the​ effect the​ moment such persons enter a​ room. They carry their atmosphere with them,​ and the​ same is​ induced in​ the​ minds of​ others around them.

In the​ same way some people carry with them vibrations of​ Will-Power and Masterfulness that beat upon the​ minds of​ others,​ making them feel the​ power of​ such persons and conquering their own will-power and changing their desires.

Others manifest a​ strong power of​ Fascination or​ Attraction,​ in​ a​ similar manner which tends to​ draw others to​ them and to​ their desires and wishes. Not only does this principle operate in​ the​ phase of​ general mental atmospheres,​ but also in​ the​ phase of​ direct personal influence.

All forms of​ Mental influence operate along the​ lines of​ Mental induction,​ as​ herein described. the​ principle is​ the​ same in​ all cases and instances,​ although the​ manner of​ operation varies according to​ the​ particular phase of​ the​ phenomena manifested. Remember this as​ we​ proceed,​ and you will be able to​ understand the​ subject much better.

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