Law Of Attraction Classics Practical Mental Influence Affected By Thought Waves Ww Atkinson

the phenomena of​ Mental Influence bears a​ striking analogy to​ that of​ the​ electrical or​ magnetic energy. Not only is​ this so in​ the​ phase of​ wave motion and transmission,​ but also in​ the​ phase of​ induction,​ as​ we​ shall see presently.

In physical science the​ term Induction is​ used to​ indicate that quality in​ a​ manifestation of​ energy which tends to​ reproduce in​ a​ second object the​ vibrations manifesting in​ the​ first object,​ without direct contact between the​ two bodies. a​ magnet will induce magnetism in​ another object removed from its space. an​ electrified object will tend to​ produce similar vibrations in​ another object by induction,​ over great spaces.

Heat waves travel along the​ ether,​ and tend to​ produce heat vibrations in​ objects far removed,​ notably in​ the​ case of​ the​ sun and the​ earth. Even sound waves will affect other objects in​ this way,​ as​ in​ the​ well-known instance of​ the​ glass or​ vase "singing" in​ response to​ the​ musical note sounded afar off. in​ fact,​ we​ see and hear by processes similar to​ those described.

And in​ this same manner that Thought-Waves carry the​ vibrations of​ the​ mind sending them forth to​ great distances,​ or​ lesser ones,​ tending to​ set up similar vibrations in​ the​ middle of​ other persons within their field force.

Thus a​ person feeling a​ strong degree of​ anger will pour forth waves of​ that degree of​ mental vibration,​ which,​ coming in​ contact with the​ brains of​ other persons,​ tend to​ set up a​ similar feelings or​ emotions and thus cause the​ person to​ "feel cross" or​ "peevish" or​ even to​ manifest a​ similar angry state of​ mind. we​ all know how easily a​ fight is​ started by a​ very angry person in​ a​ room sending forth violent vibrations.

One has but to​ remember the​ instances of​ mob violence to​ see how easily the​ "contagion of​ hate and anger" spread among people who allow themselves to​ be influenced. And not only is​ this true of​ undesirable emotions and feelings,​ but also of​ desirable ones. the​ influence of​ a​ good man who happens to​ be strong mentally spreads among those around him,​ influencing in​ them for good.

Orators,​ actors,​ preachers and teachers send forth strong within toll currents,​ which tend to​ produce mental conditions on​ the​ part of​ their hearers corresponding to​ the​ feeling held by the​ mind of​ the​ speaker. When you remember how this speaker swayed your feelings,​ or​ how that actor made you weep with pity,​ shiver with fear,​ or​ laugh with joy,​ you will see how Mental induction acts.

But not only is​ this true when we​ are in​ the​ actual presence of​ the​ person sending out the​ Thought-Waves,​ but it​ is​ equally true that we​ are influenced by persons far removed from us in​ space,​ often without their knowledge or​ intent,​ although sometimes (in the​ case of​ one who understands the​ principal most) with full knowledge and intent.

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