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TO the​ ordinary "man in​ the​ street" a​ thought is​ an​ "airy nothing "--a mere flash in​ the​ consciousness--it comes,​ it​ goes,​ and there is​ an​ end to​ it. to​ the​ student of​ Mind however,​ thought is​ known to​ be the​ power that is​ greater than any other power--a force that controls all other forces. an​ American writer speaking of​ Universal Mind says:

"It thinks,​ and Suns spring into shape; it​ wills,​ and Worlds disintegrate; it​ loves and Souls are born."

It will thus be seen that thought is​ the​ origin of​ the​ visible Universe. All that we​ see around us is​ the​ result of​ thought. we​ may even go further,​ and say that all the​ invisible forces,​ which keep the​ wonderful machinery of​ the​ Universe working perfectly and smoothly,​ are but the​ thought-energies of​ the​ same Universal Mind.

As in​ the​ macrocosm so is​ it​ in​ the​ microcosm; the​ subliminal mind of​ man is​ the​ same in​ essence as​ the​ Universal Mind of​ the​ Universe; the​ difference is​ not one of​ kind but of​ degree.

In our world,​ our circumstances,​ our life,​ our bodies,​ we​ stand supreme,​ or​ rather we​ have within us the​ power,​ which properly directed,​ can make us supreme. This power is​ "Thought." Thought is​ so subtle,​ so elusive,​ that it​ has by the​ majority of​ men,​ been considered impossible of​ control,​ but the​ greatest philosophers,​ seers and leaders in​ the​ World's history have known differently.

All that they achieved,​ they accomplished through the​ power of​ thought; and this was possible because they had learned the​ art of​ thought control.

"What man has done,​ man can do." This was never so true as​ it​ is​ today,​ because the​ science of​ Mind is​ now being spread abroad,​ and that it​ is​ possible for quite ordinary people to​ learn how to​ control their thoughts,​ is​ now known to​ be a​ scientific possibility.

Dr. Abrams in​ his epoch-making book entitled "New Concepts in​ Diagnosis and Treatment; the​ Practical Application of​ the​ Electrotonic Theory in​ the​ Interpretation and Treatment of​ Disease,​" describes how he has discovered the​ energy of​ thought and measured it​ by means of​ an​ instrument called the​ Bio-dynamometer.

With one subject in​ a​ room with closed doors,​ and another subject,​ in​ another room,​ forty or​ more feet away,​ it​ was found that one subject could affect the​ other by a​ definite exercise of​ thought. Anger and emotion yielded an​ energy which produced an​ effect at​ a​ distance of​ eighty feet.

Dr. Abrams also found that there arts three great energy centers in​ the​ human body,​ the​ right and left side of​ the​ brain,​ called by him the​ right and left psychomotor areas; and the​ finger tips. When the​ brain is​ actively engaged in​ thought there is​ an​ increase in​ the​ discharge of​ energy from the​ psychomotor areas,​ and also from the​ finger tips.

It was also found that ordinary people discharged energy from one psychomotor area only,​ but a​ great thinker discharged energy from both. the​ amount of​ energy discharged in​ this way can be gauged by the​ fact that Edward Markham,​ the​ poet,​ discharged energy from his left psychomotor area alone equal to​ a​ resistance of​ sixty ohms.

As the​ energy discharged from a​ giant magnet with a​ lifting capacity of​ 400 lbs. to​ the​ square inch is​ only thirty-two ohms,​ we​ can form some idea of​ the​ immense power of​ thought which man possesses.

The flow of​ energy from the​ finger tips is​ also suggestive. in​ all ages the​ laying on​ of​ hands has been recognized as​ a​ healing act,​ now it​ is​ proved by scientific means to​ have been simply the​ power or​ energy of​ thought.

You will therefore see that "thought" so far from being "an airy nothing" or​ a​ mere flash in​ the​ consciousness is​ a​ wonderful and potent force,​ the​ most wonderful and potent force of​ which we​ know.
Law Of Attraction Classics Dynamic Thought The Most Potent Force We Know H T Hamblin Law Of Attraction Classics Dynamic Thought The Most Potent Force We
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