Law Of Attraction Classics Dynamic Thought Right Channel Thought Ht

Law Of Attraction Classics Dynamic Thought Right Channel Thought Ht Hamblin

If thought is​ the​ "greatest power of​ all powers,​" "the most vital,​ subtle and irresistible force in​ the​ universe,​" and if​ your thoughts have the​ power to​ attract other thoughts of​ a​ like character,​ then the​ choice of​ your thoughts is​ the​ 'nose important act of​ your life.

By choosing your thoughts you choose either success or​ failure,​ happiness or​ misery,​ health or​ disease,​ hope or​ despair.

Says one of​ deep insight into the​ nature of​ things: "The things that we​ see,​ are but a​ very small fraction of​ the​ things that are. the​ real,​ vital forces at​ work in​ our own lives,​ and in​ the​ world about us,​ are not seen by the​ ordinary physical eye. Yet they are the​ causes of​ which all things we​ see are merely the​ effects. Thoughts are forces; like builds like,​ and like attract like. For one to​ govern his thinking then is​ to​ determine his life."

Therefore do not believe anyone who wants to​ teach you how to​ "overcome" other people,​ and to​ dominate them either by "will-power" or​ by Hypnotism. if​ you seek to​ get the​ better of​ other people and to​ influence them by mine domination,​ you are charging full tilt against the​ Law of​ the​ Universe,​ and this can only lead to​ the​ most disastrous results.

The "hypnotic gaze" and "suggestion" can never bring you success; it​ may bring a​ temporary,​ fleeting advantage,​ but this will be followed by disaster either in​ your business or​ profession,​ your body,​ your life,​ or​ your home.

By the​ right use of​ your thought-forces you can make yourself a​ magnet and attract to​ yourself all that you deserve. we​ each get what he or​ she deserves. as​ we​ improve the​ quality of​ our thoughts,​ so do we​ become deserving of​ better results; as​ we​ become deserving of​ better results,​ so do better things flow to​ us by the​ operation of​ Universal Law.

By the​ use of​ carefully graded denials and affirmations,​ we​ break the​ power of​ evil thought-habit,​ and in​ its place create a​ new mental attitude,​ hopeful,​ strong,​ cheerful,​ successful,​ confident,​ an​ attitude of​ mind that knows not failure,​ can never be discouraged; that stands firm and unafraid amid the​ changing scenes of​ life; an​ attitude of​ mind that overcomes,​ conquers and achieves. an​ attitude of​ mind that lives in​ a​ sea of​ positive,​ helpful,​ stimulating thoughts,​ that are the​ products of​ the​ best minds of​ all ages.

Thus it​ all comes down to​ this. it​ is​ by the​ use of​ denials and affirmations,​ and by persevering in​ their use,​ that the​ life can be changed,​ circumstances altered,​ and ambitious realized.

By denials and affirmations we​ can direct our thought-stream into the​ right channel; by denials and affirmations we​ can impress upon our sub-conscious mind thoughts which,​ becoming translated into actions,​ lead to​ success and all accomplishment. By denials and affirmations we​ can break down the​ force of​ evil habit,​ and in​ its place install habits that ennoble and enrich our lives. By denials and affirmations we​ can build up our characters,​ changing what was weak and vacillating into that which is​ powerful and stable. By denials and affirmations we​ can concentrate our consciousness upon thoughts of​ Power,​ Success and Courage and these,​ in​ turn,​ will attract to​ us multitudes of​ other thoughts of​ a​ similar nature. Do you realize,​ dear Reader,​ the​ extent of​ the​ wonderful power that you hold in​ your hands?

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