Law Of Attraction Classics Dynamic Thought Visualizing Exercise Ht Hamblin

Law Of Attraction Classics Dynamic Thought Visualizing Exercise Ht

Make denials and affirmations to​ suit your particular needs. Whatever you desire to​ do,​ affirm beforehand that you can do it,​ and that you will do it​ when the​ time for doing comes. Whatever disagreeable or​ difficult duty lies before you,​ deny failure,​ and affirm beforehand that you can and will do it,​ that already in​ your Mental World it​ is​ accomplished; then visualize yourself doing the​ thing calmly and without effort. Mentally see yourself dealing with a​ difficult or​ unpleasant matter,​ with calm dignity and ease. When the​ time for action arrives you will succeed.

Concentrate your whole attention upon the​ meditations. if​ you find your thoughts wandering through lack of​ concentrative power make use of​ the​ following denial and affirmation. First of​ all cleanse the​ mind by the​ denial of​ evil and calm and strengthen it​ by the​ affirmation of​ good. You have by so doing raised yourself into your perfect Mental World,​ breathing the​ pure air of​ perfect mental freedom. Now say,​ "Mind wandering cannot affect me. I am a​ perfect MIND,​ part of​ the​ great Universal Mind that is​ everywhere and works in​ and through everything. Therefore my mental powers are perfect. it​ was a​ mistake that made me think I could not concentrate; it​ was simply a​ delusion of​ the​ physical senses. Now I know that this could never be,​ because I am a​ perfect Mind gifted with God-like powers." Now affirm as​ follows: "Now I know that I can concentrate on​ any subject I please. My potential powers are infinite,​ I have only to​ develop them,​ I have only to​ 'try' and I must succeed." Working in​ this way you will develop tremendous powers of​ Concentration.

I send out my thoughts to​ all mankind and say: "Dear everybody,​ I love you." Like the​ beams of​ a​ searchlight my mental vision sweeps over all the​ continents and islands of​ the​ world,​ and visualizes all peoples,​ sending out to​ them a​ great beam of​ Love and Blessedness. Then it​ takes in​ all sky and sun and earth and sea,​ and the​ sweet breath of​ heaven. it​ embraces all animals and flowers and loveliness,​ it​ sweeps through a​ thousand sunsets and a​ million dew-washed fragrant dawns back to​ the​ one Source of​ all life--again affirming,​ "I love you,​ I love you." Then into my heart flows a​ great wave of​ divinest peace,​ a​ great inrush of​ the​ accumulated love-force of​ the​ invisible Universe,​ I become submerged in​ a​ sea of​ Infinite Blessedness. Thus in​ blessing others do I help to​ make the​ world a​ little better,​ and in​ return I am doubly blessed.

For this week's visualizing exercise take six small articles and examine them very carefully one at​ a​ time. For instance,​ if​ one article is​ a​ lead pencil,​ look at​ it​ and see in​ what respects it​ differs from other lead pencils. You notice its color; its shape,​ either round,​ hexagon or​ oval; its point,​ well sharpened or​ otherwise; the​ maker's name and trade-mark; what kind of​ lead,​ either BB,​ B or​ JIB; the​ name of​ the​ pencil itself; its condition,​ scratches on​ the​ surface of​ the​ polish; all these and many other points should be minutely noticed. Examine each article in​ turn and just as​ minutely. When you have examined them all,​ shut your eyes and visualize each article,​ and see every point and peculiarity in​ your mind's eye,​ just as​ you did with your physical sight. Change the​ articles for new ones from day to​ day.

If you lack knowledge of​ a​ certain subject and desire to​ gain this knowledge,​ then tell your subliminal mind what it​ is​ that you require; it​ will then either supply direct the​ knowledge that you need or​ bring to​ your notice the​ very book or​ course of​ lessons that you require. Also in​ solving your problems your subliminal mind may bring a​ sentence to​ your notice,​ which,​ directly you read it,​ tells you that it​ is​ the​ answer to​ your riddle. the​ more you can quieten the​ senses and the​ objective mind and rely upon your subliminal mind the​ greater will be your wisdom and understanding.

In the​ letter I have sent you this week I speak of​ visualizing and affirming the​ success that you desire to​ demonstrate,​ fn the​ same way hold the​ picture of​ perfect health ever before your mind. Let it​ be a​ constant inspiration and source of​ radiant joy.

Law Of Attraction Classics Dynamic Thought Visualizing Exercise Ht

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