Law Of Attraction Classics Dynamic Thought Greatest Power Of All Powers
Ht Hamblin

Law Of Attraction Classics Dynamic Thought Greatest Power Of All Powers Ht Hamblin

"Thoughts,​" said Prentice Mulford,​ "are things." "Thoughts,​" says T. Sharper Knowlson,​ "so far from being mere brain flashes,​ are,​ judging solely from their effects,​ real entities,​ apparently composed of​ spiritual substance,​ the​ nature of​ which is​ outside the​ range of​ discovery of​ our present faculties." "Thought,​" says Levy,​ "is not an​ event which dies in​ a​ world ethereal,​ supersensible,​ imperceptible; it​ has continually its likeness and repercussion in​ our organism." "Thought is​ not,​" says Ralph Waldo Trine,​ "as is​ many times supposed,​ a​ mere indefinite abstraction,​ or​ something of​ a​ like nature. it​ is,​ on​ the​ contrary,​ a​ vital,​ living force,​ the​ most vital,​ subtle and irresistible force in​ the​ Universe."

In our very laboratory experiments we​ are demonstrating the​ great fact that thoughts are forces. They have form,​ and quality,​ and substance,​ and power,​ and we​ are beginning to​ find that there is​ what we​ may term a​ science of​ thought.

We are beginning to​ find also that through the​ instrumentality of​ our thought forces we​ have creative power in​ reality. Many more authorities could be quoted,​ but these will suffice to​ show that thoughts are just as​ much "things" as​ town halls or​ mountains are "things." it​ is​ a​ great mistake to​ imagine that because you can see a​ thing with your physical eyes,​ feel it​ with your hands,​ or​ hit it​ with a​ hammer,​ that it​ is​ for that reason more real than something you can neither see nor feel. On the​ contrary the​ "Unseen" is​ vastly more powerful,​ lasting and forceful than anything you can see with your physical eyes. What you see with your eyes is​ only the​ effect of​ greater causes which are invisible.

"Everything exists in​ the​ unseen before it​ is​ manifested in​ the​ seen,​ and in​ this sense it​ is​ true that the​ unseen things are real,​ while the​ things that are seen are the​ unreal. the​ unseen things are cause; the​ seen things are effect. the​ unseen things are eternal; the​ seen things are the​ changing,​ the​ transient."

Thoughts then are "entities,​" are "things,​" are "forces,​" are vital subtle "powers." They,​ like everything else,​ and every other force in​ the​ universe,​ are subject to​ law. This law is​ the​ Law of​ Attraction.

Whatever thoughts you think will attract to​ you thoughts of​ a​ similar nature. According as​ you create good or​ bad thoughts,​ so do you determine whether your life shall be blessed or​ cursed. if​ you think a​ good thought and dwell upon it,​ and,​ as​ it​ were,​ nourish it​ with your meditations,​ it​ will not only bless and enrich your life,​ but will attract hosts of​ other thoughts of​ equal power and beauty,​ which will hasten to​ minister to​ you. Thus,​ if​ you think "Success" thoughts,​ and affirm them,​ and cling to​ them in​ the​ face of​ apparent defeat and failure,​ you will attract to​ yourself such a​ wave of​ powerful,​ upbuilding and inspiring thoughts that you will be lifted right over your difficulty and carried,​ as​ by invisible forces,​ along the​ path of​ accomplishment.

On the​ other hand,​ it​ is​ equally true that if​ you think a​ weak thought,​ a​ low thought,​ a​ vile thought,​ or​ a​ thought of​ failure,​ there will be attracted to​ you a​ host of​ thoughts of​ like character,​ which by their nature will curse you and drag you down. "Unto him that hath shall be given,​ and from him that hath not shall be taken away that which he hath" is​ simply the​ working of​ the​ Law of​ Attraction. Think "Success" and thousands of​ invisible forces will fly to​ your aid. Think "failure" and innumerable forces will help to​ make your failure even more complete.

If thought is​ the​ "greatest power of​ all powers,​" "the most vital,​ subtle and irresistible force in​ the​ universe,​" and if​ your thoughts have the​ power to​ attract other thoughts of​ a​ like character,​ then the​ choice of​ your thoughts is​ the​ 'nose important act of​ your life.

By choosing your thoughts you choose either success or​ failure,​ happiness or​ misery,​ health or​ disease,​ hope or​ despair.

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