Law Of Attraction And Running Your Own Race

Law Of Attraction And Running Your Own Race

I usually get my inspiration as​ I'm driving when I cannot write it​ down,​ and as​ I drove this morning this thought came to​ me: RUN YOUR OWN RACE!

I remember reading a​ long time ago about how horses when they are racing don’t care about the​ other horses; they don’t look over to​ see what the​ next horse is​ doing. They are focused and they run their own race.

I found this quote while looking up ‘run your own race’:

“I raised you to​ be a​ thoroughbred. When thoroughbreds run they wear blinders to​ keep their eyes focused straight ahead with no distractions,​ no other horses. They hear the​ crowd but they don’t listen. They just run their own race. That’s what you have to​ do. Don’t listen to​ anyone comparing you to​ me or​ to​ anyone else. You just run your own race.” Excerpted from the​ Right Words at​ the​ Right Time (Atria Books,​ January 2004) by Marlo Thomas.

How does this apply to​ Law of​ Attraction? Simple: What are you focusing on? is​ your focus directly on​ your life and the​ goals you want to​ achieve? Are you spending your time and energy looking straight ahead towards the​ life of​ your dreams,​ or​ are you busy looking at​ what the​ next person owns,​ drives or​ has achieved?

Oftentimes we​ spend our lives judging how much we​ will do or​ how much we​ should do based on​ what everyone else around us is​ doing. a​ good example of​ this is​ in​ the​ workplace or​ in​ businesses when people feel they should stop productivity or​ feel resentment because coworkers or​ partners aren't pulling the​ same weight…but not everyone has the​ same goals and dreams as​ you do. we​ don't all have your skills,​ visions or​ hope for the​ future…We don’t all want the​ same things.

So this message was powerful to​ me and I asked myself the​ question ‘How much more would YOU accomplish if​ YOU stopped looking over at​ the​ person beside YOU?’

How do you put on​ blinders? You mind your own business! You've heard this everywhere,​ from Tony Robbins and Rich Dad to​ Abraham-Hicks.

Minding your own business isn't a​ bad thing like most people think. It's about not worrying about what everyone else is​ doing or​ where they are going,​ but about what YOU are doing and where YOU are going and what YOU want to​ achieve. It's about looking straight ahead and not shifting that focus. Keep your eyes on​ the​ prize!

Law of​ Attraction teaches that what you focus on​ you will attract,​ so as​ you focus on​ what everyone else is​ doing or​ not doing,​ then you will get more of​ that. You need to​ put on​ blinders and forget what everyone else is​ doing because at​ the​ end of​ the​ day only you can change your life!

Are you truly focused on​ your own race? a​ friend of​ mine has the​ goal of​ attracting 5 million dollars while my goal is​ attracting 400 million. That is​ a​ difference of​ 395 million dollars. That's a​ whole different racetrack altogether… Most people don't realize that they are running a​ different race than friends,​ family and coworkers,​ and a​ lot never reach full potential because they don't want to​ stand out. Focusing on​ your own race means not caring much about what anyone else does,​ thinks or​ says about your visions,​ goals,​ dreams and YOUR LIFE.

As Will Smith says in​ the​ Pursuit of​ Happyness,​ “Don't ever let someone tell you that you can't do something. People can't do something themselves and they want to​ tell you that you cannot do it​ either.”

Running your own race means holding on​ to​ your dreams and moving towards them and not letting anyone deter you from your goals or​ dreams.

Focus on​ your own race.
Focus on​ your own visions.
Focus on​ your own life.
Focus on​ your own dreams.
Focus on​ YOUR goals and RUN YOUR OWN RACE!

Law Of Attraction And Running Your Own Race

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