Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement
People either have respect for law enforcement officials,​ or​ they cannot stand them .​
Some of​ the​ cops that have turned out to​ be bad have ruined the​ law enforcement reputation for the​ rest of​ us,​ who actually try to​ make the​ world a​ better place .​
Recently,​ law enforcement officers are being charged and convicted of​ crimes when at​ one time,​ a​ bad cop was simply dismissed from their position and the​ issue was swept under the​ rug .​

More and more,​ law enforcement officials are being held responsible,​ and rightfully so .​
They are the​ people that are trying to​ fight crime,​ not participate.
Being a​ police officer for 10 years now,​ I​ have seen and heard many things .​
I’ve had people spit in​ my face and people hugging me in​ happiness after a​ situation ended peacefully.​

I’ve even received thank you cards and flowers for helping the​ public in​ rough times .​
It is​ simply my job .​
Of course,​ there is​ never a​ normal day in​ the​ law enforcement field .​
There are dangers lurking around every corner that normal civilians don’t often think about .​
Law enforcement officers have to​ think about and analyze all possible situations .​
a​ routine traffic stop can turn deadly within a​ split second .​
Responding to​ a​ domestic dispute can be much more hazardous than simply breaking up an​ argument .​
a​ high speed chase can end in​ quite a​ tragic manner if​ it​ gets too out of​ hand .​
Many people in​ the​ law enforcement field have seen things than can cause nightmares for weeks .​
I​ was the​ first on​ a​ vicious crime scene my first year and it​ will remain in​ my mind forever .​
There are many colleges and schools that are offering law enforcement degrees and training more commonly now .​
Students are finding that it​ is​ an​ excellent field to​ get involved in,​ with lots of​ different branches and a​ growing need for professionals .​
If you considering studying law enforcement or​ criminal justice,​ do some research before you jump into it​ with the​ wrong perceptions .​
Speak to​ people who do work in​ the​ law enforcement field .​
Ask to​ shadow them for a​ day .​
Get enough of​ information about the​ field before you decide whether or​ not it​ is​ something that you would not only enjoy,​ but be suited for .​
It isn’t a​ field that is​ for the​ weak and timid .​
It is​ also not a​ field for someone who cannot be fair and equal to​ anyone of​ different races or​ genders .​
If you’re not looking to​ be involved in​ the​ criminal justice system,​ teach your children that law enforcement is​ on​ their side .​
Children should never be afraid to​ approach someone who is​ wearing a​ police uniform .​
And yet,​ so many parents and adults are convinced that all cops are evil .​
I​ wish that lack of​ confidence could be changed .​
Perhaps then,​ we’d all be on​ our way to​ making the​ world a​ safer place .​

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