Law Enforcement Badges 04

Law Enforcement Badges 04

In the​ movies,​ officers often flash their law enforcement badges,​ and no one thinks twice .​
It is​ as​ if​ once people see a​ law enforcement badge,​ they are completely convinced of​ the​ legitimacy of​ the​ authority of​ the​ officer .​
This has always fascinated me .​
Badges for law enforcement give so much power .​
People never bother to​ verify whether or​ not a​ police badge is​ legitimate .​
If a​ cop showed me his badge,​ I​ wouldn't even know how to​ question it .​
It is​ as​ if​ the​ police get their power not through their law enforcement training,​ but through the​ badge itself .​
It is​ the​ symbol that grants the​ power.
For many years,​ I​ wanted a​ law enforcement badge .​
It was only recently that I​ realized how easy law enforcement badges are to​ get .​
Don't get me wrong .​
You cannot pick one up at​ the​ local firearms shop along with your police issue pistol .​
If you want to​ own your own law enforcement badges,​ you have to​ work a​ little bit harder than this .​
Nonetheless,​ you can find them .​
I​ have seen law enforcement badges in​ pawnshops,​ in​ reuse stores,​and in​ a​ few other places which I​ can not name .​
I​ didn't know whether or​ not these were legitimate badges that once belonged to​ a​ police officer .​
How would you know? I​ can't tell,​ and neither can anyone else in​ the​ public .​
That is​ what give law enforcement badges their power.
One of​ the​ things that surprised me most is​ that you can even buy law enforcement badges off of​ the​ Internet .​
Most of​ the​ high-quality law enforcement badge companies make you send in​ a​ paper verifying that you are a​ police officer,​ but it​ has always seemed to​ me that this would be pretty easy to​ fake .​
I​ am sure that people order counterfeit law enforcement badges all the​ time .​
Can you think of​ a​ better tool for a​ criminal to​ have?
A lot of​ the​ people that I​ know don't trust cops,​ but most of​ the​ public do .​
They may grumble about police officers privately,​ but if​ one ever shows his badge,​ they are likely to​ do whatever they are told to​ .​
I​ have never used any law enforcement badges to​ impersonate a​ police officer,​ but the​ temptation is​ there .​
I​ would love to​ see how people would react to​ me .​
I​ am curious if​ they could tell that I​ was not a​ cop.

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