Las Vegas The Luxury City

Las Vegas The Luxury City

Though a​ bit heavy on​ the​ neon,​ Las Vegas is​ a​ true feast for the​ eyes. the​ skyline is​ amazing,​ with all of​ the​ sparkling lights and massive shapes competing for attention. Every hotel is​ striving to​ top the​ next one with its own unique theme,​ majestic entrances,​ rollicking casinos,​ delectable restaurants,​ and impressive entertainment. it​ can be said that Las Vegas does not have a​ boring bone in​ its body.

The marketing angle of​ the​ Las Vegas tourism board has gone from its old nickname,​ “ Sin City,​” to​ being touted as​ a​ family-friendly destination in​ the​ 1990’s and back to​ Adults Only with its new tagline,​ “What happens here,​ stays here.” City advertisers want to​ attract people from all over the​ world to​ their own adult playground,​ complete with endless gambling,​ alcohol,​ food,​ and entertainment. it​ is​ billed as​ a​ kind of​ magical place that will cater to​ every need and fulfill every fantasy.

The hotels in​ Las Vegas are truly incredible to​ behold. They pay homage to​ other unique cities,​ like New York,​ Venice,​ and Paris,​ by recreating smaller versions of​ these cities. New York,​ New York hotel reconstructs the​ lively streets of​ Gotham. the​ Venetian hotel has a​ huge indoor canal complete with gondolas and gondoliers. the​ Paris hotel experience comes complete with a​ replica of​ the​ Eiffel Tower. There are tributes to​ other themes as​ well,​ including ancient Rome (Caesar’s Palace),​ Hollywood (MGM Grand),​ pirates ( Treasure Island),​ Arabian nights (Aladdin) and many more. Two of​ the​ nicest hotels with casinos in​ Las Vegas,​ the​ Bellagio and the​ Wynn Las Vegas Hotel,​ don’t have specific themes besides that of​ opulence and luxury.

From the​ Rat Pack of​ the​ mid-20 th century to​ Celine Dion today,​ Vegas entertainment has always been a​ huge draw. Magicians,​ such as​ Penn and Teller,​ and Siegfried and Roy,​ entertain crowds with their amazing optical illusions. Comedians like Danny Gans and Carrot Top perform often in​ Las Vegas and are quite popular with their use of​ extravagant props and sight gags. Veteran Vegas entertainers,​ like Tony Orlando and Wayne Newton,​ still command packed houses night after night with their well-loved repertoire of​ musical favorites.

Shopping and eating are two more favorite past times in​ Las Vegas. Caesar’s Palace offers a​ world-class mall featuring a​ painted blue sky with clouds adorning the​ ceiling. the​ Venetian also has first class shopping with many designer brands. Most of​ the​ other hotels showcase several great shops inside their lobbies and host many more on​ their premises. When hunger strikes,​ there is​ no shortage of​ fabulous food. Las Vegas is​ no longer a​ place of​ $3.99 all-you-can-eat-buffets. World-renowned chefs Wolfgang Puck (Spago) and Emeril Lagasse have several excellent eateries in​ town and many of​ the​ prominent hotels boast other award-winning restaurants.

Of course,​ the​ most popular reason for visiting Las Vegas is​ for the​ gambling casinos. From the​ nickel slot machines to​ the​ rooms of​ tables reserved for those starting bets over $1000,​ there is​ a​ venue for every budget. Games such as​ craps,​ blackjack,​ and baccarat draw millions of​ people a​ year to​ try their hand at​ the​ tables,​ accompanied by attractive cocktail waitresses handing out free drinks aplenty. There are some success stories,​ but many more sob stories,​ when people arrive home from their jaunts to​ Las Vegas after playing against the​ casinos. Amateur gamblers who visit Las Vegas report that it​ is​ best to​ decide how much money to​ play with before starting,​ and stick with that limit. After all,​ Las Vegas is​ a​ fun destination for vacationing and conventions,​ and it​ has a​ lot to​ offer visitors when they practice some moderation in​ the​ gambling arena.

Las Vegas The Luxury City

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