Ladera Hotel The Top Luxury Resort In St Lucia

Ladera Hotel The Top Luxury Resort In St Lucia

Ladera,​ a​ stylish eco lodge is​ perched on​ a​ ridge 1,​100 feet above sea level and has been described as​ a​ ‘View with a​ Room’ and it​ is​ the​ place to​ see the​ famous Piton of​ St Lucia panoramas,​ especially at​ sunset. Ladera is​ also one of​ the​ most perfect spots for not only a​ holiday in​ St Lucia but also for a​ St Lucia Honeymoon.

The position of​ Ladera on​ St Lucia is​ the​ key. it​ is​ two miles from the​ sleepy port of​ Soufriere up a​ very steep hill,​ and it​ looks as​ if​ it​ is​ built into the​ hilltop. Its height and position are responsible for some of​ the​ most breathtaking views from any hotel in​ the​ world. Imagine the​ forest with the​ sea below,​ the​ sheer dominance of​ the​ two Pitons rising from the​ sea.

There are six villa suites and twenty one suites at​ Ladera,​ and each one has what can best be described as​ an​ open wall,​ giving the​ impression that they are open air. Each suite therefore has the​ most stunning uninterrupted views.

In a​ way the​ design of​ the​ suites makes the​ one side that is​ completely open to​ elements almost part of​ the​ décor. They are really only three walled rooms,​ but totally sheltered from any storms.

Imagine a​ beautiful polished wood interior with a​ step down to​ a​ terraced garden,​ pool surrounded by flowers,​ and beyond that the​ view,​ the​ glorious view to​ die for.

Safety is​ paramount,​ and the​ suites are both safe and totally private,​ each with its own plunge or​ villa pool. the​ lack of​ children as​ it​ is​ an​ adult only resort just adds to​ the​ tranquillity and the​ lack of​ safety gates!!

Ladera is​ the​ first ever Caribbean hotel to​ rank at​ number one in​ the​ Conde Naste Traveller ratings,​ and is​ the​ kind of​ resort that travellers dream about it​ is​ hard to​ imagine a​ world acclaimed small lush tropical gem that is​ still virtually unknown. This is​ an​ expensive destination but for paradise you must expect this.

Any luxury resort needs an​ award winning restaurant,​ and Ladera as​ befits the​ best Luxury resort in​ St. Lucia is​ no exception. Dasheene the​ resort’s award winning terrace restaurant opens for breakfast,​ lunch and dinner specialising in​ nouvelle cuisine using organic farming based products. the​ views from the​ restaurant terrace are quite breathtaking especially at​ sunset. the​ views from the​ Tcholit cocktail lounge is​ no less fantastic and it​ also features live music.

What will strike you more than anything when you stay at​ Ladera is​ that you have to​ see it​ to​ believe it. There is​ every reason to​ read up on​ destinations before you go,​ but often hotels described as​ out of​ this world are in​ fact a​ disappointment. Not so here at​ Ladera,​ where the​ tag of​ the​ best Luxury Hotel in​ St Lucia,​ the​ perfect spot for a​ Honeymoon in​ St Lucia do not in​ fact do the​ place justice.

Many guests who arrive in​ the​ late evening get their first view of​ the​ Pitons when they wake in​ the​ morning. it​ is​ heart stopping,​ and everything else about Ladera merely confirms that the​ choice made for your St Lucia Holiday Hotel was absolutely the​ right one.

From the​ excellent unobtrusive staff who will pamper to​ your every whim,​ to​ the​ food,​ the​ décor,​ the​ suites.

You will love Ladera so go there soon!!

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Ladera Hotel The Top Luxury Resort In St Lucia

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