La Prima Donna Restaurant Is Venue For Luxury Fashion Show Series By Producer Andres Aquino

La Prima Donna Restaurant is​ Venue for Luxury Fashion Show Series by Producer Andres Aquino
USA International Fashion Shows has partnered with New York City restaurant La Prima Donna to​ present the​ Martini Fashion Dinner and Champagne Fashion Brunch series of​ shows .​
Martini Fashion Dinners are held on​ selected Monday evenings and Champagne Fashion Brunches take place on​ selected Sunday afternoons.
Located on​ West 47th Street,​ in​ the​ heart of​ New York City’s Times Square and famous theater district,​ La Prima Donna's elegant and traditional Tuscan cuisine is​ updated with Venetian style and modern urban panache .​
Guests enjoy a​ truly original and exceptional culinary experience in​ an​ ambience of​ a​ Venetian Carnivale complete with wall murals and Renaissance art .​
The popular eatery,​ operated under the​ experienced direction of​ General Manager Mohamed Choayra,​ has received excellent write ups in​ the​ New York Daily News,​ Playbill,​ Gotham and a​ La Carte.
We are really excited about working with La Prima Donna,​ says fashion show producer and company CEO Andres Aquino .​
After considering numerous places in​ New York,​ we​ found this venue to​ be a​ perfect fit for our shows due to​ its location,​ the​ ambience and decor as​ well as​ its exquisite Italian cuisine and,​ above all,​ the​ service of​ its management and staff .​
The concept behind the​ events is​ to​ bring fashion shows to​ the​ people who love fashion,​ taking them out of​ the​ exclusive domain of​ the​ trade .​
The runway shows are combined with fine food and drink making a​ thoroughly enjoyable experience for the​ appreciative guests .​
a​ major marketing campaign is​ being launched in​ an​ array of​ media ranging from Playbill to​ the​ New York Times along with a​ heavy Internet presence .​
Opportunities are available for sponsors and advertisers who want to​ reach an​ affluent fashion-conscious audience .​
Attending guests come from as​ far as​ Australia and as​ near as​ midtown Manhattan .​
They come for special occasions such as​ family reunions,​ birthdays and anniversaries,​ father-daughter outings,​ and wedding proposals .​
Tickets to​ the​ shows are becoming popular customer appreciation gifts for favored clients and corporate incentives .​
Other guests include celebrities out for an​ unusual afternoon or​ evening activity and buyers looking for unique fashions .​
The ability to​ buy right off the​ runway and meet the​ designers and models in​ a​ relaxed atmosphere are among the​ features that make these events special .​
From the​ Far East to​ Europe to​ Canada and South America,​ the​ shows have generated a​ great deal of​ interest,​ and people are buying tickets up to​ six months in​ advance .​
Tickets are available through the​ company website as​ well as​ through various ticket outlets worldwide .​
These events are positive experiences for everyone,​ notes Andres Aquino .​
The audience gets a​ fabulous fashion show and a​ delicious meal,​ the​ designers get a​ great platform to​ show and hopefully sell their creations,​ the​ makeup artists and stylists get an​ opportunity to​ show their talent,​ the​ models get to​ wear beautiful clothes and add to​ their runway experience,​ the​ restaurant gets to​ introduce itself to​ new customers,​ the​ sponsors reach a​ targeted audience that is​ receptive to​ their message,​ and the​ attending press gets some great content for their editorials .​

The participating designers present some of​ the​ best wearable couture and exquisite accessories .​
Recent shows have featured collections by designers from a​ host of​ countries including Austria,​ South Africa,​ Colombia,​ Dominican Republic,​ Switzerland,​ Germany,​ Canada,​ Russia,​ Israel,​ Bulgaria,​ England,​ India,​ and of​ course the​ USA .​
Some already have their lines carried in​ exclusive stores like Bergdorf Goodman and chic boutiques on​ Madison Avenue as​ well as​ in​ other fashion capitals .​
The modest participation fee makes this an​ attractive opportunity to​ designers looking to​ expand their market base and reach the​ press as​ well as​ wholesale and retail buyers .​
Press coverage of​ these events has included many articles in​ the​ printed press and Internet as​ well as​ TV coverage,​ sometimes from the​ fashion point of​ view and other times from the​ human perspective .​
One recent Champagne Fashion Brunch attracted media attention when an​ 87-year old former fashion model fulfilled a​ lifelong dream of​ walking on​ the​ runway .​
She modeled a​ couture gown made especially for her .​
Upcoming shows will be making donations to​ children’s charities .​
Producer Andres Aquino is​ CEO of​ USA International Fashion Shows and Fashion Syndicate Press,​ founded in​ 1997 .​
He is​ also the​ founder and creator of​ New York's Couture Fashion Week and Bridal Fashion Week,​ attracting fashion and accessories designers from around the​ world.

La Prima Donna Restaurant Is Venue For Luxury Fashion Show Series By Producer Andres Aquino

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