Keeping Your Wedding Safe Stress Free

Keeping Your Wedding Safe & Stress Free
Ever heard of​ wedding insurance? Most brides and grooms have probably never heard of​ it,​ or​ they scoff at​ the​ idea of​ insuring their wedding .​
However,​ purchasing some short-term wedding insurance can be a​ way of​ saving yourself a​ lot of​ grief if​ your wedding is​ cancelled or​ someone gets injured at​ your reception.
What Types of​ Wedding Insurance are Available?
Brides and grooms can opt to​ purchase two types of​ wedding insurance .​
There is​ wedding cancellation insurance and also wedding liability insurance .​
Wedding cancellation insurance provides coverage should your wedding be cancelled due to​ bad weather,​ and officiant not showing up,​ and more .​
It protects your deposits,​ attire,​ photographs,​ etc.
The other type of​ wedding insurance is​ wedding liability insurance,​ which protects you​ if​ there is​ injury or​ property damage that occurs at​ your wedding .​
This type of​ wedding insurance is​ more common,​ as​ many venues require that couples obtain this insurance.
When to​ Purchase Wedding Insurance?
If you​ are considering purchasing wedding insurance,​ you​ should plan on​ purchasing the​ coverage as​ soon as​ you​ start shopping for dresses and venues .​
Most companies do not allow you​ to​ purchase a​ policy until 24 months before the​ wedding,​ and most will allow you​ to​ purchase the​ insurance up to​ 15 days prior to​ your wedding date.
What Policies Usually Cover
While these items are usually covered by wedding insurance policies,​ you​ should still read over your policy before signing to​ make sure all the​ items you​ need covered are included:
• Weather
• Illness/Injury
• Missing Officiant
• Missing Vendors
• Location
Other riders:
• Military Service
• Gowns and Tuxedos
• Gifts
• Liability
• Honeymoon
Usually not covered:
• Cancellation due to​ cold feet
• Cancellation due to​ something you​ knew prior to​ taking out the​ policy
Should you​ Purchase a​ Policy
Some people laugh when they first hear about wedding insurance,​ thinking it​ is​ just another way for couples to​ spend money .​
However,​ in​ most cases weddings cost thousands of​ dollars/pounds .​
That money is​ often non-refundable if​ the​ unthinkable happens,​ and some couples find great peace of​ mind in​ knowing that they will not be out thousands if​ their wedding is​ cancelled.

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