Jaguar X Type The Classic Luxury Sports Car

Built on​ a​ modified version of​ the​ Ford CD 132 platform,​ the​ Jaguar X Type is​ considered to​ be just another version of​ the​ Ford Mondeo. Take away the​ badge and the​ name from the​ Ford Mondeo and put in​ Jaguar badges,​ you would be getting the​ the Jaguar X Type. in​ fact the​ platform which it​ was built on​ was just a​ modified version of​ the​ Ford CDW 27 platform which is​ what the​ Ford Mondeo uses. Production for this vehicle has started since 2001 and still continue up at​ present. the​ Jaguar X Type is​ one of​ the​ smallest of​ the​ brand’s saloon cars. This was actually built so as​ to​ take part of​ the​ success that the​ Jaguar S Type has been reaping in.

Classic. That is​ what best describes the​ Jaguar X Type. Yet,​ the​ power,​ the​ delivery,​ and the​ performance is​ very much high technology and very modern. This vehicle has also been the​ vehicle that has made many firsts for the​ Jaguar brand. it​ was the​ first Jaguar to​ have an​ all wheel drive system. it​ also was the​ brand’s first entry to​ the​ mid sized luxury sports car category.

This vehicle has been crafted and manufactured with a​ couple of​ trim levels made available. of​ course,​ each of​ these trim levels come with certain amenities and features that are unique to​ the​ others.

The Jaguar X Type 3.0 could be yours if​ you have some $33,​995 to​ spend. it​ is​ said to​ be a​ luxurious departure from the​ typical sports sedans. it​ holds a​ 227 horsepower 3.0 liter V6 engine and has a​ five speed automatic transmission. the​ trim on​ its console and doors are made up of​ Bronze Sapele wood veneer trim. it​ has a​ steering wheel wrapped in​ leather,​ and the​ same goes to​ its steering wheel. For $36,​295,​ you can own the​ Jaguar X Type Sport. it​ has an​ aggressive styling and holds a​ sport tuned suspension. as​ per the​ Jaguar X Type VDP Edition,​ you can have this for $35,​945. Indeed,​ this vehicle is​ known to​ be an​ elegant one. it​ has rain sensing wipers as​ well as​ a​ memory function on​ the​ driver’s seat and door mirrors,​ heated seats,​ and a​ trip computer. as​ per the​ Jaguar X Type Sportwagon,​ it​ is​ considered to​ be the​ most unique and very much practical sportwagon in​ the​ auto market. For $36,​995,​ you can own this one. it​ has a​ one touch power tilt and slide glass moonroof with manual sunshade as​ well as​ fixed silver roof rails.

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