Its Spring Cleaning Time Dont Forget Your Luxury Down Bedding Sofa Cushions

Never wash or​ dry-clean down. Harmful chemicals and soap will rob the​ down of​ its oils leaving you with a​ flat pillow,​ comforter or​ featherbed. it​ will also cause pieces of​ the​ down cluster to​ break off interfering with its ability to​ trap body heat. There will also be a​ bad odor from dry-cleaning fluids. Drying can be problematic due to​ the​ size of​ comforters and featherbeds. if​ down is​ not dried properly,​ mildew will set in,​ leaving you with a​ bad odor and a​ problem for allergy sufferers. Dry-cleaners do not have equipment large enough for featherbeds.

Down bedding purchased within the​ last 3 or​ 4 years should be hung over a​ line on​ a​ warm,​ sunny,​ breezy day. Let nature refresh and rejuvenate them. if​ this is​ not possible hang them over a​ couple of​ chairs near an​ open window. Placing comforters and pillows in​ a​ dryer will fluff up the​ filling if​ it​ has flattened or​ you may wish to​ add some filling when you get them cleaned. if​ your down comforters,​ pillows and featherbeds are over 4 or​ 5 years old,​ take them to​ a​ down care specialist. They will be expertly cleaned and reconditioned using an​ all natural method which will plump up the​ filling and deodorize it. Possibly they need a​ complete renovation which includes cleaning,​ reconditioning and a​ new outer shell. if​ you wish to​ plump up your comforter,​ pillows and featherbed (which will reduce annoying shifting,​ and add extra warmth),​ additional filling can be added at​ this time.

If you purchased a​ high quality down comforter,​ most can be used year round. if​ you do store your comforter because you have a​ summer down comforter or​ prefer to​ use only a​ sheet,​ store the​ comforter in​ a​ cotton bag,​ not a​ plastic bag.

Take care of​ your down bedding by having it​ cleaned by a​ professional. Luxury quality down comforters,​ pillows and featherbeds deserve the​ proper care to​ protect your investment so you can enjoy your down luxuries for life.

When your down bedding is​ returned from being cleaned or​ renovated,​ remember to​ always use pillow protectors on​ pillows,​ a​ high threadcount lightweight duvet cover to​ protect your down comforter,​ and a​ featherbed cover preferably with a​ baffle wall to​ allow your newly cleaned featherbed to​ loft up to​ its full potential especially if​ you have added extra filling.

Did you receive an​ heirloom down comforter from your grandmother? After it​ is​ cleaned and renovated you can decide whether to​ keep the​ same size or​ upgrade to​ a​ larger size.

Don't forget your down and feather sofa cushions and throw cushions. These too can be cleaned/reconditioned,​ have extra filling added to​ plump up a​ sagging chair or​ sofa and new ticking to​ prevent loss of​ feathers and down. Look for baffling in​ your new ticking if​ you are having your sofa cushions renovated. This prevents the​ filling from moving out to​ the​ sides when you sit on​ the​ sofa or​ lean back on​ the​ back cushions. Baffling will keep it​ all in​ place.

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