Italian Luxury Handbags Never Go Out Of Style

Italian Luxury Handbags Never Go Out Of Style 1

Italian Luxury Handbags Never Go Out of​ Style
When it​ comes to​ fashion accessories,​ everyone knows that Italian luxury handbags are timeless .​
But,​ if​ you own a​ boutique or​ retail store,​ you may not know where to​ buy wholesale handbags,​ or​ have the​ knowledge to​ recognize reputable manufacturers .​
Here are some tips about what to​ look for,​ both in​ terms of​ fashion handbags and in​ terms of​ selecting the​ right supplier:
1 .​
Skins are in​ .​
When it​ comes to​ Italian luxury handbags,​ look for those that are made from real python skin,​ real ostrich skin,​ and real crocodile skin .​
If you're concerned about price point,​ consider cocco-ligator skin,​ a​ process whereby natural crocodile fibers are used to​ create a​ skin similar to​ that of​ a​ crocodile,​ but is​ less expensive than crocodile leather .​
2 .​
Remember the​ color story .​
This year,​ the​ color story is​ all over the​ spectrum - literally .​
Vibrant reds continue to​ make a​ statement,​ while green is​ emerging as​ the​ must-have color of​ the​ year .​
Perhaps due to​ the​ influence of​ the​ environmental movement,​ women are selecting clothing and fashion accessories that reflect this eco-friendly color .​
The other two colors that are emerging as​ frontrunners this season are purple and olive,​ while gold and silver are catching the​ limelight for eveningwear accessories .​
Of course,​ black never goes out of​ style,​ but embellishments are being added to​ more traditional black fashion handbags.
3 .​
Look for the​ artisanal touch .​
The best Italian luxury handbags are handmade by artisans who have years of​ experience in​ crafting timeless pieces .​
The manufacturer you choose to​ work with should acknowledge the​ traditions associated with Italian craftsmanship,​ and the​ production process should involve a​ collective effort to​ bring out the​ finest qualities in​ the​ materials used .​
When it​ does,​ you will have the​ opportunity to​ purchase unique wholesale handbags that your customers will treasure .​
4 .​
Watch the​ paperwork .​
If you live outside of​ the​ European Union and you purchase genuine Italian luxury handbags made from exotic skins,​ there is​ an​ entire body of​ regulations governing their export .​
The manufacturer that you choose should be able to​ meticulously carry out the​ requirements for exporting these leather goods .​
For example,​ the​ manufacturer needs to​ track the​ origin of​ the​ skins,​ obtain the​ necessary licenses,​ and complete the​ proper CITES paperwork in​ order to​ ship the​ finished products to​ you .​
5 .​
Variety is​ key .​
Although you know your customer better than anyone,​ the​ chances are good that she has different needs for different occasions .​
Carrying a​ variety of​ clutches,​ purses,​ and tote bags helps build customer loyalty and repeat sales .​
The best manufacturers of​ Italian luxury handbags will give you the​ choices that you - and your customers - need .​
For example,​ you should be able to​ choose the​ styles of​ bags you want,​ as​ well as​ from among four different varieties of​ exotic skins and more than 30 different tonalities .​
When you do,​ your customers can find exactly what they need to​ match their wardrobes and lifestyles.

Italian Luxury Handbags Never Go Out Of Style

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