It Doesnt Take Long To Become An Expert In The Law Of Attraction

It Doesnt Take Long To Become An Expert In The Law Of Attraction

One of​ our Faculty,​ Christine Edick,​ has been the​ keynote speaker for several conferences for people in​ the​ 'career transition' industry. She received this short story,​ from one of​ the​ attendees,​ which demonstrates how easy it​ is​ to​ understand the​ Law of​ Attraction and to​ teach it​ to​ others.

I have a​ client--a great guy in​ technology marketing--who was out of​ work for 18 months! Great networker,​ lots of​ interviews,​ was always the​ last of​ a​ few candidates,​ but never got the​ offer. He was at​ his wits end and ready to​ work for a​ car dealership.

He recently got an​ interview for a​ job that he really wanted and seemed to​ impress the​ people (as he had done many times with others). He told me about it​ and I told him about the​ law of​ attraction information I learned from you at​ the​ conference.

I said why not try...what had he to​ lose at​ this point. I counseled him to​ think as​ though he was already working there,​ LOVED his job,​ the​ people,​ the​ company,​ couldn't wait to​ get to​ work every day and contribute. to​ imagine he'd been there for months,​ his routine was in​ place,​ relationships built,​ good stuff done with more to​ come.

He said he'd do it​ and he did. And he got the​ job! He's ecstatic and is​ preaching the​ law of​ attraction to​ all his friends.

So thanks,​ because of​ what I learned from you,​ he finally feels productive,​ happy,​ and alive again,​ AND I'm a​ hero...he even sent me flowers!

You too can become a​ hero to​ friends who are desperate and willing to​ try anything to​ break out of​ their old way of​ thinking and being.

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