Is Your Work Stressing You Test Yourself

Is Your Work Stressing You Test Yourself

All of​ us who are working to​ earn our living face some stress in​ our work life. Many of​ us face more stress than we can cope up with. But sometimes we don't realize that. the​ stressed life becomes a​ routine,​ and we don't bother to​ check if​ we are under more than acceptable stress. Can tests and quizzes help us find out the​ true state of​ affairs? Let us find out.

Let me talk about few quizzes that you​ can take to​ understand your work life and stress better. For example quizzes that are titled - Are you​ stressed? Are you​ a​ work slave? Do you​ believe in​ fun at​ work? Are you​ living a​ tense life? Are you​ burning out yourself? Are you​ fighting stresses in​ the​ right way? And Are you​ a​ good time manager? Will all tell us something about our mental state? How do these quizzes and tests help us?

No test or​ quiz can be precise. No body can tell us precisely about our mental state. it​ is​ not measurable. But a​ quiz raises questions. it​ wants us to​ answer many questions. That makes us think about the​ answers. This is​ like somebody interviewing us and making us think of​ the​ answer. the​ thought process that begins in​ our mind is​ a​ great tool for self-improvement. Once we realize that we might be facing more stresses or​ that we are nearing a​ burn out,​ we will take care.

Let us all remember that the​ world is​ going forward at​ a​ great speed. in​ this information age,​ people to​ people contact is​ getting reduced. This makes us more vulnerable. Earlier colleagues used to​ be more vigilant about other co-workers. Today,​ everyone is​ over loaded. Tests and quizzes are therefore a​ good way to​ self analyze and decide the​ course of​ action. Stresses are harmful. if​ we can use any tool that can help us,​ we should try. Use tests and quizzes to​ find out if​ you​ are stressed and try to​ live a​ long and healthy life.

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