Is Your Food Stressing You Out

Is Your Food Stressing You Out

I’m in​ a​ continual state of​ alert regarding so-called cures for stress,​ depression and anxiety. I want to​ be aware of​ any new breakthroughs that happen and I also want to​ be equally aware of​ new solutions that simply offer false hope. Snake oils and magic bullets are offered to​ sufferers by the​ dozen,​ offering plenty of​ hope but little in​ terms of​ a​ permanent cure.

Snake oils and magic bullets are always associated with forms of​ quackery. More often than not it​ will be dietary supplements,​ potions,​ mysticism or​ new age remedies such as​ ayurvedic medicine,​ acupuncture,​ crystals,​ magnets and such like. However,​ snake oils and magic bullets can be provided by more trusted sources such as​ the​ medical community. an​ antidepressant drug being the​ main magic bullet that is​ anything but.

Another far less obvious magic bullet is​ provided by the​ ubiquitous food police. in​ our society,​ it​ is​ very difficult to​ go through a​ single day without experiencing interference from these well-meaning but misguided people who bang on​ and on​ about diet and how your eating habits are at​ the​ root of​ all of​ your ailments.

When it​ comes to​ excess weight then as​ we all know,​ over-eating will have a​ huge impact on​ your physical well-being. But can food really have an​ impact on​ your mental health and can it​ cure stress,​ depression and anxiety?

In short,​ no! the​ foods you​ eat and the​ fluids you​ drink CANNOT cause you​ to​ become stressed,​ anxious or​ depressed and they certainly cannot cure any of​ them and I’ll explain why right now.

The three main foods you​ are continually advised to​ restrict or​ even avoid are saturated fat,​ refined sugar and salt. And for your weight and your physical well-being,​ restricting your intake of​ these foods will provide a​ huge boost.

But,​ let’s ask a​ question: Does everybody who eats a​ poor diet with high levels of​ fat,​ sugar and salt enter into stress,​ depression or​ anxiety? the​ answer is​ a​ clear and absolute no! And conversely,​ does it​ follow that everyone who eats a​ good diet with low levels of​ the​ sinful foods and high levels of​ fresh fruit and vegetables lean meat,​ fish and chicken never enter into these illnesses?

Ah,​ that’s an​ interesting one isn’t it? Surely if​ healthy eating could help conquer these problems then anyone who eats a​ healthy diet would never experience stress,​ depression or​ anxiety. But it​ is​ blatantly obvious that such people aren’t immune from these problems.

Here’s another fact to​ realize about foods: in​ modern society,​ we are very lucky. There is​ an​ abundance of​ fresh food and it’s easily and cheaply available. But what about our forefathers? Go back to​ the​ pre-war years and you’ll see that life for most of​ them was very hard and food wasn’t anywhere near as​ plentiful as​ it​ is​ today. So did they all suffer from stress,​ depression and anxiety? of​ course not!

Eating a​ healthy diet will not cure stress depression and anxiety and eating a​ poor diet won’t cause them either. This is​ because the​ cause of​ these problems lies totally beyond the​ foods that you​ eat and it​ should be quite clear to​ you​ that if​ you’re going to​ conquer stress,​ depression and anxiety then you​ can only do so by addressing and treating the​ root cause.

This is​ the​ reason why all of​ the​ snake oils and magic bullet solutions simply don’t work. They address everything else other than the​ root cause and apart from giving you​ a​ brief lift and lighter wallet,​ they will only provide temporary and illusory comfort.

See you​ soon.

Is Your Food Stressing You Out

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