Is It Stress Or An Anxiety Attack

Is It Stress Or An Anxiety Attack

Stress can lead to​ a​ host of​ problems and manifest itself in​ many ways. One of​ the​ more predominant results of​ stress is​ an​ anxiety attack. an​ anxiety attack can happen at​ any time to​ those who suffer from this disorder. Some studies have pointed to​ a​ steady increase of​ people who suffer from anxiety attacks and other stress related disorders.

Time Magazine printed an​ article that referred to​ the​ cause of​ anxiety attacks,​ which is​ stress,​ as​ an​ epidemic in​ 1983. No one would argue against the​ fact that the​ world around us has gotten to​ be a​ more stressful place,​ and that can only mean that the​ number of​ anxiety attacks will continue to​ increase.

In today’s world,​ no one is​ immune from the​ ill effects of​ stress,​ whether it​ is​ in​ the​ form of​ depression,​ agoraphobia or​ anxiety attacks. Many of​ us have experience an​ anxiety attack and never knew it​ for what it​ actually was. That’s because few people know the​ symptoms of​ an​ anxiety attack. Those who suffer from repeated anxiety attacks learn to​ know the​ symptoms,​ and when the​ onset of​ an​ attack is​ on​ its way.

A true anxiety attack is​ much more intense than just feeling stressed out at​ the​ end of​ the​ day. an​ anxiety attack can come on​ suddenly at​ any time,​ not just after a​ single stressful event. Often,​ the​ attack overwhelms the​ individual in​ one instant,​ and for no apparent cause. it​ is​ estimated that one out of​ three Americans will experience an​ anxiety attack,​ and one out of​ every seventy five people worldwide will experience an​ anxiety attack at​ least once within their lifetime.

How do you​ know if​ you’re suffering from an​ anxiety attack? Well,​ the​ symptoms are varied,​ but they can be very intense,​ so it​ is​ easily distinguished from the​ regular stressed out feeling we have at​ the​ end of​ the​ day. if​ you​ are experiencing any of​ the​ following symptoms,​ you​ could be having an​ anxiety attack,​ and should see a​ doctor right away.

Extreme nervousness with shaking.

Difficulty breathing,​ feeling as​ though you​ cannot get enough air.

Runaway heartbeat.

Is It Stress Or An Anxiety Attack

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