Is Eating Right All The Time Causing You Stress

Is Eating Right All The Time Causing You Stress

Stress can stop your weight loss goals about as​ much as​ eating
a family size bag of​ Nacho chips and a​ 2-Liter bottle of​ pop

My approach to​ weight loss was in​ gaining my health. Losing
300 pounds was not the​ first thing that occurred to​ me,​ but
rather “what could I do to​ get healthy and eat right”. it​ was
a very strange approach given that I was obviously clinically
obese and immediately needed some quick weight loss.

I had no idea that our body used food in​ a​ very specific manor
and that we could improve our energy levels by working with
the body,​ not against it. There were some very specific rules
to follow,​ so being the​ good student I followed them. It
became a​ religion for me and as​ I preached it,​ I made many
people quite crazy. I became an​ outcast because I had to
prepare my food differently and would not eat with the​ gang at
meal times. My food was prepared differently,​ eaten
differently and eventually I even came to​ ask food servers to
use different spatulas to​ flip my “veggie burger” from the

I followed the​ rules and I increased my energy. I began eating
better and my energy levels increased enough that my weight
loss began and I started to​ become lean and healthy.

Then the​ stuff hit the​ fan

Well,​ it​ hit their fan,​ not mine.

Friends began to​ talk behind my back about wanting the​ old Rob
back. in​ one instance,​ I was held down on​ a​ couch while cola
was poured into my mouth against my will. They wanted their
old funny,​ fat,​ life of​ the​ party friend back,​ not this health
nut with all these food rules.

I think I first became aware of​ being stressed about food at​ a
birthday party I was asked to​ attend. it​ was a​ time of
celebration,​ but do you​ want to​ know what I was thinking?

“Do I or​ don’t I have a​ piece of​ cake?”

“This is​ totally processed,​ unnatural food. No fiber,​ no
wholeness and it​ contained sugars,​ lard and all kinds of​ other

I had a​ whole bunch of​ thoughts about how this would affect my
weight loss goals,​ my health and my eating habits.

I was weighing the​ thoughts of​ being socially acceptable
against the​ health choice of​ having this one little piece of
cake. I thought about losing them as​ friends if​ I did not
accept the​ cake and weighed it​ against the​ impact this poor
food choice was going to​ have on​ my body. I had already lost
friends because of​ my food choices and I really did not want
to lose more.

I’m sure you’ve been there yourself,​ having to​ make a​ decision
based on​ your social status vs your health. It’s a​ very quick
thought process,​ but you​ notice that your blood pressure goes
up,​ your heart begins to​ beat faster,​ you​ begin to​ sweat… you
know what I mean?

I ate the​ cake.

I felt like crap.

I felt like crap on​ many levels and I was stressing about this
excessively. I felt bad that I had to​ make that choice in​ this
manner. I felt bad because the​ sugar was surging into my
blood and I felt bad because I “thought about this way too

At some point,​ you​ need to​ let go of​ it​ all.

There is​ energy in​ food; in​ the​ love and people around you
that prepared the​ food and the​ circumstances in​ which it’s
eaten. Never eat a​ meal when you​ are upset or​ sad because you
should be enjoying the​ meal and taking in​ all the​ goodness in
what the​ earth has brought to​ your body. Take in​ all that
goodness and let go of​ all the​ stress.

Eat naturally as​ much as​ you​ can and increase the​ amount of
whole foods in​ your diet. Make a​ choice to​ remove processed
foods and beverages such as​ cola’s,​ fruit juices,​ coffee and
traditional teas. Eat with a​ smile on​ your face and give
thanks to​ everyone involved in​ bringing the​ meal,​ the
nutrition and that energy into your body.

Then when the​ time is​ right,​ have fun and enjoy the​ health
you’ve created.

There was a​ very dramatic shift in​ my life,​ my health and my
weight loss when I made the​ choice to​ enjoy some foods again.
I began to​ break my own rules and live my life. I began to
have fun with food and fun came back into my life.

Let go.

Is Eating Right All The Time Causing You Stress

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