Internet Is A Gold Mine For Mesothelioma Lawyers

Internet Is A Gold Mine For Mesothelioma Lawyers

One man's misery can be another man's fortune. This seems to​ be the​ case with the​ mesothelioma victims on​ the​ one hand and mesothelioma lawyers on​ the​ other. an​ online feeding frenzy is​ currently taking place. the​ average mesothelioma case today is​ settled at​ around 1 million dollars,​ and that figure jumps to​ 6 million dollars when the​ lawsuit goes to​ the​ courts. With such enormous money to​ be made,​ legal firms are hungry for a​ slice of​ the​ action,​ and are shelling out big money for online visitors. the​ result is​ that search engines and other sites that can supply them with those visitors are racking up huge revenue.

It works like this. in​ the​ sponsored listings of​ search engines,​ clicks (visitors) are auctioned off to​ the​ highest bidder. When someone searches “mesothelioma”,​ the​ highest-bidding law firms appear. With the​ keen competition,​ these firms are paying as​ much as​ $100 per mesothelioma-related visitor to​ their web site. That’s $100 every time someone just clicks on​ their ad - and a​ lot of​ the​ clicks are from competitors. Less than one in​ ten visitors may actually submit an​ inquiry about the​ services of​ the​ legal firm. And only a​ fraction of​ the​ inquiries convert into clients. Therefore,​ it​ is​ costing lawyers tens of​ thousands of​ dollars in​ advertising to​ secure a​ single client.

There is​ something truly obscene about this situation. But,​ it​ is​ inevitable that while there is​ huge money to​ be made from litigation,​ lawyers and publishers will continue to​ hustle for their slice of​ the​ action. You can even find these vultures on​ YouTube making an​ undignified pitch for business. if​ only a​ portion of​ the​ money could be directed to​ cancer research. Perhaps these legal firms and others who profit from this horrendous disease should consider donating a​ portion of​ their gains to​ research organizations. By doing so,​ they may appear a​ little more genuine and less like vultures.

Mesothelioma is​ a​ form of​ cancer linked to​ asbestos exposure. in​ fact,​ 70% to​ 80% of​ mesothelioma cases are caused by a​ history of​ exposure to​ asbestos. it​ can take decades for the​ symptoms to​ appear. Each year,​ approximately 2,​000 to​ 3,​000 new cases of​ mesothelioma are reported. in​ the​ past 20 years,​ the​ number of​ reported cases has increased significantly. Although it​ can take up to​ 50 years for symptoms to​ manifest,​ mesothelioma patients experience a​ host of​ symptoms. These include shortness of​ breath,​ or​ a​ wheezing and hacking cough,​ which often lead to​ chest or​ abdominal pain. in​ the​ more serious cases,​ individuals may have bowel blockages,​ anaemia,​ a​ bloody cough,​ and jaundice. it​ is​ extremely difficult to​ secure accurate statistics about how many individuals suffer from mesothelioma because in​ the​ early stages,​ the​ symptoms are quite similar to​ various other conditions. This often leads to​ a​ misdiagnosis of​ the​ disease. in​ addition,​ when an​ accurate diagnosis is​ finally made,​ the​ disease has typically already progressed to​ a​ more advanced stage.

With the​ renovation craze that has occurred in​ the​ past 2 or​ 3 decades in​ countries such as​ Australia and the​ US,​ it​ is​ expected that the​ high rates of​ diagnosis will continue for decades to​ come. And as​ long as​ there is​ money to​ be made from this disease,​ the​ vultures will also be around.

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