Instant Luxuries Relieve Daily Stress

Instant Luxuries Relieve Daily Stress

Discovering how to​ de-stress may be easier-and more important-than many people realize. a​ recent survey reveals that 34 percent of​ Americans report their daily stress levels are at​ an​ all-time high. of​ those surveyed,​ more than 90 percent indicated a​ growing need for adding some stress-busting "instant luxury" to​ their lives,​ with decadent desserts and fine coffee topping their "favorites" list,​ followed by fresh-cut flowers and high-thread-count sheets.

According to​ Alison Deyette,​ lifestyle expert and host of​ the​ Fine Living Network series "Pocket the​ Difference,​" there are some simple things anyone can do every day to​ bring in​ life's little luxuries and reduce stress.

"These days,​ luxury is​ a​ mindset,​ not a​ lifestyle; to​ manage the​ daily stresses of​ life,​ consumers are finding ways to​ treat themselves with products and experiences that convey attainable luxury,​" said Deyette. "Products such as​ Nescafé Taster's Choice 100 percent Colombian coffee provide opportunities to​ enjoy simple indulgences,​ such as​ fine coffee,​ each day."

For coffee lovers in​ search of​ instant luxury,​ Nestlé recently introduced a​ new variety that allows anyone to​ experience the​ world-renowned taste of​ Colombian coffee,​ brewed fresh in​ the​ cup anytime. This new offering provides java enthusiasts an​ opportunity to​ indulge in​ delicious premium coffee at​ work or​ home,​ that until recently was only reserved for gourmet coffee shops.

Other instant luxuries Deyette suggests as​ ways people can treat themselves on​ a​ regular basis include fresh-cut flowers,​ possibly from a​ farmers' market or​ just a​ grocery store. She adds,​ "These types of​ indulgences can stimulate the​ senses and make those 'feel-good' chemicals in​ the​ brain spring into action."

Since every day should begin with a​ good night's sleep,​ great bedding is​ essential. High-thread-count sheets that are affordable can now be found at​ virtually any bedding store or​ major retailer and can add a​ "little luxury" to​ your life.

Defining "instant luxury" as​ a​ product or​ experience that's attainable by the​ average person,​ the​ survey by TNS Express asked 1,​000 Americans ages 18 to​ 90 what they are doing to​ enrich their lives and cope in​ an​ increasingly stressed-out world.

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