Increase Your Website Traffic With Article Marketing

Increase Your Website Traffic With Article Marketing

Recently,​ the​ concept of​ marketing your website with articles has gained popularity. Many site owners are having articles written and published on​ various article directories. the​ reason is​ simple,​ traffic.

Why Article Marketing?

The demand for quality content online never ceases. Smart webmasters realize that by providing this quality content and giving permission for other webmasters to​ republish their articles results in​ an​ excellent opportunity to​ expose their website to​ their target audience.

Each article that you​ write and distribute gives you​ the​ chance to​ plug your site or​ newsletter in​ the​ about the​ author section. you​ can typically link directly to​ your site,​ and sometimes even can use HTML and link your primary keywords in​ the​ anchor text. This gives you​ some nice,​ relevant backlinks. Its not uncommon to​ receive thousands of​ unique backlinks for each article submitted,​ as​ over time your article will continue to​ be picked up for redistribution by other webmasters.

That's why article marketing is​ so popular,​ its a​ winning situation all around. Other webmasters can add your quality articles to​ their sites for free,​ and you​ get exposure and links. Everybody is​ happy.

But I cant Write!

Writing a​ good article is​ actually surprisingly easy,​ especially if​ you​ are already an​ expert on​ your topic. Articles only need to​ be about 300 - 500 words,​ and be well written and without spelling and grammatical errors. Even if​ you​ are trying to​ write about a​ topic that you​ are not as​ familiar with,​ you​ have options.

Many webmasters outsource the​ creation of​ articles. if​ you​ visit any web freelance site,​ such as​,​ you​ can usually find someone to​ write articles for you​ on​ any topic for between $10 to​ $40 per article. as​ with anything,​ buyer beware. Its best to​ give a​ prospective writer a​ small assignment first of​ only a​ few article to​ get a​ feel for the​ quality of​ their writing. Remember,​ the​ articles that you​ submit are representing you​ and your website. Quality matters.

How and Where to​ Submit Articles?

So,​ you​ have written your article,​ checked it​ for spelling and grammar and its ready to​ what? you​ need to​ distribute your article to​ Article Directories,​ Article Announcement Lists and you​ can even submit your article directly to​ industry specific sites.

Many article marketers find that using an​ article submission software can speed up the​ time it​ takes to​ submit your articles. Article submission software also can help with the​ "where do I submit to?" question as​ well. the​ article submission sites and announcement lists come pre loaded with directories and other sites that accept submissions. you​ can also add your own sites to​ the​ list.

I highly recommend using an​ article submission software package to​ submit your articles. the​ time savings alone is​ substantial. Personally,​ I use the​ article submission software to​ submit to​ the​ "basic" directories & portals. Then,​ I go to​ Google and type in​ my topic and "submit article". Usually,​ I will have tens or​ even hundreds more sites that cater specifically to​ the​ niche I am promoting. I then submit to​ those niche sites as​ well. This technique is​ not something I see being widely done,​ however,​ so there's a​ good tip for you!

The traffic from articles submitted to​ niche sites as​ well as​ the​ directories is​ substantially higher than the​ traffic from articles submitted to​ directories alone.

There you​ have it. Marketing your website with articles is​ a​ great way to​ get traffic,​ links and expose your website to​ new visitors. Its easier than it​ sounds,​ even for those that think they cant write. Just try it! Chances are you​ will be adding Article marketing to​ your standard internet marketing box of​ tricks.

Increase Your Website Traffic With Article Marketing

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