Improved Led Flashlights For Law Enforcement

Improved Led Flashlights For Law Enforcement

Today’s law enforcement agencies can take advantage of​ the​ newest technological advances in​ many different ways. Not only can those who fight crime have access to​ devices that seem to​ come right out of​ James Bond spy movies,​ they can use equipment similar to​ what’s used on​ television’s CSI drama series.

Manufacturers of​ the​ latest in​ police gear have announced some surprising inventions that are now available,​ but perhaps still a​ little difficult to​ get. However,​ within a​ year these devices should be easily accessible,​ and within a​ few they may even be “standard issue” for many police departments.

Many seasoned police veterans may wonder what could possibly be new with regards to​ flashlights to​ make their job easier. Well,​ heavy duty flashlights and tactical flashlights used by police can now do more than shed light on​ a​ scene or​ a​ perpetrator.

Since LED police flashlights are the​ tool of​ choice in​ many areas,​ some companies have simply focused on​ making them even more dependable and sturdy than they already are. They’ve been dropping the​ flashlights from 30 feet to​ test durability,​ submerging them to​ check for an​ ability to​ stay waterproof,​ and timing not only the​ shining time,​ but the​ overall life time of​ the​ batteries. There are now dozens of​ suppliers of​ police flashlights that provide specific product specifications,​ including the​ wattage,​ lumens,​ scope of​ light,​ and hazardous condition defense.

As with any product,​ however,​ the​ best thing to​ do is​ to​ determine local and user needs and compare what’s available to​ what the​ budget may allow. Some tactical or​ heavy duty flashlights may cost as​ little at​ $40 each,​ but some can go up to​ $200-not including battery chargers,​ holsters,​ clips for attaching to​ clothes or​ duty belts,​ or​ built-in extras.

The most important aspects of​ police flashlights would be ease of​ use and dependability,​ since they must continuously function under high-risk conditions. Certain LED models claim hundreds of​ hours of​ light use,​ convenient on/off buttons,​ and an​ almost indefinite life span.

Even though all offer consistent light without dimming,​ LED flashlights can vary by size and weight. Some officers may prefer the​ lighter ones,​ while others may prefer the​ heavier,​ as​ they then can be used as​ a​ weapon. One department may wish to​ use only the​ high-intensity white LED light bulbs,​ while another city’s force may wish to​ utilize the​ advantages of​ colored LED bulbs for night vision,​ checking blood trails,​ or​ signaling.

It’s clear that different police departments,​ and even different officers within the​ same city,​ could face a​ range of​ dangerous situations. These call for specialty police flashlights. Almost every officer would be able to​ utilize a​ flashlight that can cut through smoke and offer adjustable beams of​ light,​ but there may not be as​ frequent a​ need for the​ more upgraded features on​ a​ regular basis.

There is​ a​ model that contains a​ pepper-spray canister,​ a​ flashlight that can detect metal (vibrating and flashing a​ red light when encountering metal),​ one that creates glow-in-the-dark patterns,​ and even styles which provide beacon or​ strobe-light effects. Plus,​ to​ further enhance weaponry,​ police flashlights are now providing laser-aiming devices,​ gun mounting capabilities,​ and shotguns hidden within the​ flashlights’ bodies.

A police department which is​ considering flashlight replacement should take advantage of​ the​ opportunity to​ upgrade; never before have so many features been available.

~Ben Anton,​ 2008

Improved Led Flashlights For Law Enforcement

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