How You Should Drink Tea If You Have Headaches Migraines High Blood Pressure And Stress

How you​ should drink tea if you​ have Headaches Migraines High Blood Pressure and Stress

Many people have heard and​ seen the​ many advertisements about tea and​ its various cures and​ benefits. ​
Along with weight loss,​ cancer fighting,​ and​ other cellular benefits curing Headaches and​ Migraines while reducing stress is​ among the​ top advertised. ​
But when I ​ see these ads,​ I ​ think Why ?
After drinking tea for a​ while,​ including Green Tea,​ Oolong Tea,​ Rooibos,​ Lemongrass,​ and​ a​ wide listing of​ organic herbal blends,​ I ​ have found that I ​ don’t really know if ​ I ​ am fighting cancer inside my body. ​
But I ​ do know that tea can greatly help me to​ balance out a​ stressful time,​ and​ help get rid of​ and​ prevent headaches.
Simply drinking tea,​ especially some of​ the​ herbal blends specifically mixed for the​ occasion,​ can help with headaches,​ and​ you​ will receive all other benefits from the​ actual tea itself. ​
But only drinking the​ tea in​ itself will not allow you​ to​ fully maximize all the​ potential,​ especially in​ regards to​ headaches and​ migraines. ​
Because not always,​ but sometimes,​ drinking tea is​ about Drinking Tea. ​

I drink tea all day long. ​
Cup after cup Thank you,​ Tea Stand I ​ drink with no sense of​ traditional practice,​ or​ religious afterthought. ​
I ​ just drink it. ​
But when I ​ have a​ headache from stress,​ sinus headache,​ caffeine,​ or​ many other reasons,​ just drinking tea isn’t always best. ​
That is​ when my tradition comes out.
I don’t use special pots,​ or​ time honored traditions. ​
There is​ nothing wrong with them,​ but I ​ rarely have time for that,​ and​ growing up in​ the​ United States,​ there are no time honored tea drinking traditions. ​
I ​ always used tea bags low quality as​ they were my only option,​ and​ didn’t know any better.So now,​ even though I ​ am closer to​ tradition,​ I ​ still do not have time for this. ​
My Headache/Stress tea drinking practice takes less than five minutes. ​
Usually,​ that is​ all the​ time I ​ have which is​ mostly why I ​ have the​ headache in​ the​ first place. ​

I begin with the​ double chamber gourmet tea bag. ​
High quality loose tea,​ easy to​ use tea bag,​ reusable; three of​ the​ reasons why. ​
I ​ rough it​ up a​ little to​ make the​ tea inside spread out,​ and​ then I ​ put the​ bag into my mug. ​
With the​ tea bag ready I ​ pour steaming hot water over it. ​
a​ little bit too hot to​ drink. ​
When the​ cup is​ full,​ I ​ bob the​ tea bag in​ and​ out of​ the​ water for a​ minute or​ so,​ and​ let it​ site for a​ minute maybe,​ depending on​ how strong I ​ want the​ tea,​ how many times have I ​ used the​ tea bag already,​ etc. ​
When letting the​ tea bag sit,​ I ​ wrap the​ string around the​ mug handle and​ anchoring it​ with the​ bead at ​ the​ end. ​
After the​ tea is​ ready,​ I ​ take the​ tea bag out of​ the​ cup,​ and​ hang it​ on​ my tea stand. ​
With green teas and​ Oolong teas,​ this is​ especially important. ​
if ​ you​ leave the​ tea bag in​ the​ cup too long it​ can get very bitter. ​

Now that my tea is​ ready a​ process which took maybe two minutes I ​ am ready to​ relieve myself from this nagging headache. ​
With the​ cup still steaming,​ I ​ cup my hands around the​ mug and​ slowly breath in​ the​ steam. ​
Slow,​ deep breathes. ​
I ​ do this three to​ five times,​ or​ until the​ tea has cooled down a​ little so that I ​ can begin drinking it. ​
it​ is​ still hot,​ but I ​ won’t burn my tongue or​ lips if ​ I ​ drink it. ​
Then I ​ take small slurping sips. ​
the​ hot water is​ important not only for the​ steam but also for these first few sips. ​
the​ hot water slows down your drinking,​ and​ also helps to​ clear out your head. ​
After a​ couple minutes of​ this I ​ am generally feeling better. ​

Maybe this 5 minute practice is​ loosely based on​ tradition,​ and​ doesn’t sound too complicated,​ but it​ helps me. ​
I ​ am sure that all in​ this hectic world can appreciate 5 minutes where life is​ slowed down and​ especially a​ tradition that is​ fast,​ easy,​ and​ that really helps to​ get alleviate life’s little inconveniences; headaches,​ migraines,​ and​ stress.

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