How To Use The Law Of Natural Selection To Attain Success

How To Use The Law Of Natural Selection To Attain Success

Here’s another simple,​ unjustly discarded but effective tip for success - keep doing something new every day!

Notice that I said “keep doing something new every day”,​ instead of​ just “keep doing something every day”.

It doesn’t matter at​ first if​ you think you’re doing things which do not seem to​ move you forward in​ achieving your goals.

If you keep doing something new which you’d never done before or​ had not done yesterday,​ you are sure to​ stumble upon a​ breakthrough that is​ going to​ propel you towards your success faster than you had ever anticipated.

When you do this,​ that is,​ when you keep doing something new every day in​ your attempts to​ hit your target,​ you are copying nature,​ you are actually putting the​ law of​ genetic natural selection to​ practical use in​ your life.

Now I won’t go into the​ details of​ natural selection,​ let the​ geneticists and the​ expert biologists handle that,​ but the​ basic concept you can learn from the​ law of​ natural selection is​ that even the​ tiniest changes in​ the​ genetic make-up of​ a​ species from generation to​ generation will eventually yield the​ grandest and most profound results.

There’s an​ old saying that goes,​ “If you keep on​ doing what you’ve always done,​ you’ll get what you’ve always got”.

This is​ true,​ unless,​ you keep on​ doing something new every day in​ your endeavour to​ achieve your goals. it​ can be something slightly new or​ something radically different from what you had been initially doing.

Become a​ scientist. Every day,​ take note of​ what you did and the​ results you have actually attained. Collect all the​ tips and advice you have acquired to​ attain success in​ your chosen field and list them all down in​ the​ simplest of​ terms on​ a​ piece of​ paper as​ some form of​ a​ checklist.

Let’s label these tips and advice collectively as​ tactics. Pick one tactic or​ find a​ way to​ bunch a​ few tactics together to​ form one super-tactic and commit yourself to​ test out that tactic every day.

Observe your success with that tactic or​ super-tactic and log it​ in.

Over a​ course of​ time,​ review your success log and see which of​ the​ tactics seemed to​ have yielded the​ best results for you. Marry the​ most successful tactics together and see how you can create your very own step-by-step action plan.

Take a​ fresh piece of​ paper and forge your solid action plan for success and commit yourself to​ it. Define precisely what you need to​ do each and every day,​ the​ routine tasks that must be done to​ ensure progress towards achieving your goals. Break up your goal or​ goals into bite-sized easily attainable targets that you must meet every day.

Now as​ you commit yourself to​ this new action plan for success of​ yours,​ do not entirely abandon the​ principle of​ observing and logging your daily successes and failures (feedback) and continue to​ do so,​ modifying and adapting and evolving your action plan as​ you go along.

In time,​ you will forge out a​ clear path to​ success for yourself. This path belongs entirely to​ you and you alone. it​ is​ a​ unique algorithm that only you could have created and only you can make a​ success out of.

How To Use The Law Of Natural Selection To Attain Success

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