How To Replace Lawn Mower Tires

How To Replace Lawn Mower Tires

- Lawn Mower Tires,​ the​ Essential Difference

The essential difference in​ replacing a​ car tire and flat tire of​ a​ lawn mower is,​

* You do not carry a​ spare tire with you all the​ time when you move along with your lawn mower

* Your equipments for replacing the​ tire like jack,​ spanners etc. are not with you,​ they are in​ your basement workshop

* Your house is​ nearby so you can summon help from your family members

* You may not be in​ a​ hurry to​ change the​ tire and you are not putting anyone to​ difficulty by leaving a​ vehicle with a​ flat tire on​ your premises,​ as​ you would if​ you leave your vehicle on​ a​ public road.

* You can change the​ tire at​ a​ more convenient time

* Depending upon the​ size of​ tire,​ you may require some external help

- Changing the​ tire

A lawn mower works on​ an​ undulating surface too. Therefore if​ your tire has gone flat where not all the​ tires are on​ a​ level surface,​ do not try to​ change a​ flat tire at​ that place. Depending upon where the​ tire has gone flat,​ you can change the​ following procedure slightly,​ but ensure that the​ spirit of​ safety precautions is​ not violated.

If you have a​ portable air compressor with you,​ (even a​ foot operated one will do),​ try to​ inflate the​ tires and then shift your lawn tractor to​ a​ flat and level surface,​ it​ will be best for the​ tractor. if​ you do not have an​ air compressor and the​ flat area is​ nearby,​ take your tractor in,​ as​ is​ condition,​ to​ the​ flat surface. the​ lawn mower tires are a​ rugged lot. the​ tire will take this punishment without a​ murmur.

The procedure for changing the​ tire is​ as​ follows.

* You have already brought the​ tractor on​ a​ flat and level surface. Park it​ there. Shut off the​ engine. Pull the​ hand brake and remove the​ tractor keys in​ order to​ prevent accidental re-starting.

* Clean the​ tire to​ be replaced and the​ area around the​ tire with water. This will take away any dirt from the​ nuts holding the​ tires and reduce the​ work load on​ you while taking out the​ tire

* Loosen the​ nuts holding the​ tire slightly. Make it​ a​ point to​ ensure that all the​ nuts are loosened slightly. Any one remaining to​ be loosened might give you a​ problem later on. Do not back off completely. Just loosen them and that is​ all. if​ you are not in​ a​ position to​ back off even a​ single nut,​ do not proceed further. Retighten the​ loosened nuts and ask for professional help.

* Fix up other wheels with a​ wheel lock or​ slip a​ wooden plank or​ a​ stone so that the​ wheel may not move. Do this to​ two wheels at​ least.

* Next slip a​ hydraulic jack or​ a​ crew jack at​ a​ convenient place on​ the​ chassis,​ (This place is​ usually indicated in​ the​ maintenance manual) and raise the​ wheel to​ be replaced)

* Back off all the​ nuts holding the​ wheel and take out the​ wheel. You may require some help in​ this as​ the​ lawn wheels are slightly larger than car wheels.

* After taking out the​ wheel,​ clean the​ brake drum (if you have one) and wash off all the​ dirt that has collected,​ remove anything lodged in​ there.

* Put a​ new wheel and get the​ other one repaired.

- Safety Precautions

1. Wear hand gloves all the​ time. This will prevent injuries to​ your hand

2. When loosening the​ nuts,​ give particular attention to​ slippage of​ spanners. They can cause serious injuries to​ hand or​ head as​ you will not be able to​ control your movement when spanner slips

3. NEVER EVER change a​ tire on​ an​ undulating surface. There are many cases when the​ jacks have slipped from their position due to​ this and deaths have resulted from persons being crushed beneath lawn mower.

How To Replace Lawn Mower Tires

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