How To Pay Your Home Mortgage Off And Be Debt Free In 6 10 Years Or Less With Little Change To Income Or Expenses The New Zealand Way

How To Pay Your Home Mortgage Off And Be Debt Free In 6 10 Years Or
Less With Little Change To Income Or Expenses The New Zealand Way

Ariel Metekingi knew there was a​ way to​ pay off debts and a​ home mortgage quicker than what was being offered on​ the​ US market. Living in​ New Zealand where homeowners pay off their homes and are debt free on​ an​ average of​ 6-10 years,​ he experienced how it​ worked there and in​ Australia.

"I was surprised to​ find that Americans,​ generally considered worldwide leaders and innovators,​ are laboring with archaic mortgage programs where the​ major face-lift has been bi-monthly mortgage payments and the​ second mortgage,​" says Metekingi. "I found that the​ American Mortgage industry was seriously lacking in​ some of​ the​ wealth building mortgage and financial principles that have become so prevalent in​ New Zealand and Australia."

Enter Money Principal Group,​ a​ company located in​ Utah,​ founded by Metekingi. Their premier innovative mortgage product,​ the​ Mortgage Eliminator,​ is​ based on​ a​ 30 year+ proven Australian industry standard and model in​ use by over a​ third of​ homeowners in​ that country. it​ was later introduced to​ the​ New Zealand market,​ where homeowners achieve similar results; paying off their debts and mortgage on​ average of​ 6-10 years.

This powerful new tool to​ combat the​ current financial plague of​ debt in​ America combines a​ mortgage and a​ full-service bank account. the​ new "all-inclusive" type loan creates huge savings in​ interest payments and loan payoffs in​ one-half to​ one-third the​ time requiring little to​ no change to​ current spending habits or​ income.

How does it​ work? Homeowners deposit income and other assets into the​ new mortgage account and since it​ allows access like a​ checking account,​ expenses are paid out from it​ by check or​ ATM card. the​ fundamental part is,​ when the​ homeowners' money isn't being used it​ sits in​ the​ mortgage account reducing the​ daily loan balance on​ which interest is​ computed. This saves on​ average hundreds of​ thousands in​ interest over the​ life a​ typical loan. Less interest paid means more money for principal,​ so the​ homeowner builds equity faster and owns their home sooner.

"What this does for homeowners,​ is​ it​ empowers them to​ take control of​ their financial health,​" says Metekingi. "With our program,​ a​ homeowner can combat the​ financial cancer known as​ consumer debt plus current mortgage options and it​ allows the​ homeowner to​ reach their goals sooner in​ life,​ rather than later. This isn't a​ mystical trick of​ numbers; it​ is​ simply taking away the​ interest spread banks earn and gives it​ back to​ the​ homeowner."

Is this new loan product and system for everyone?

Yes,​ if​ you​ can achieve the​ simple disciplines of​ budgeting and currently have positive cash flow or​ are willing to​ review your budget to​ recover funds to​ create significant positive cash flow. you​ must be coachable and allow your goals to​ dictate your plan of​ action. if​ you're willing to​ do that,​ the​ payoff is​ unlimited and getting rid of​ debt and your home mortgage in​ 6-10 years is​ no longer a​ dream,​ it's a​ reality.

"The ability to​ be mortgage free within 6-10 years,​ quickly eliminate consumer debt,​ and free up existing income to​ start a​ significant investment program for the​ future is​ a​ now a​ reality. This can all be possible without requiring any additional income or​ reducing standard of​ living. the​ Mortgage Eliminator has empowered the​ individual in​ New Zealand and Australia to​ positively impact their own financial destiny in​ ways,​ which traditionally,​ many could not otherwise achieve,​" says Metekengki. "It is​ now available for the​ US,​ to​ achieve the​ same level of​ financial success and freedom,​ already experienced and proven in​ these international markets."

For more information on​ how you​ can be debt-free and pay off your home mortgage in​ as​ little as​ 7 years,​ and experience the​ savings with the​ Money Principal Program using their proprietary calculator,​ visit or​ call 1-800-862-0784 ext 21.

How To Pay Your Home Mortgage Off And Be Debt Free In 6 10 Years Or
Less With Little Change To Income Or Expenses The New Zealand Way

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