How To Pay Off Your 30 Year Mortgage In 12 Years

How To Pay Off Your 30 Year Mortgage In 12 Years

How to​ Pay Off Your 30 Year Mortgage in​ 12 Years?
Is the​ thought of​ making 360 monthly mortgage payments getting the​ best of​ you? Will the​ feeling of​ helplessness
just not let up?
Are you​ frustrated out of​ your mind when you​ think about all of​ the​ years you'll be making those huge mortgage payments and all of​ the​ $100,​000's of​ interest charges that lie BEFORE YOU?
Have you​ tried everything from bi-weekly mortgage schemes,​ answering every internet refinance advertisement,​ sending the​ bank another $20 with each monthly payment,​ etc .​
to​ payoff your mortgage early -- with little or​ no results?
And if​ you​ are like most Americans,​ you​ only stay in​ your home for an​ average of​ 5-7 years before you​ move to​ a​ new home .​
And then you​ start the​ thirty year mortgage process all over AGAIN!
How can you​ ever get financially ahead and pay off your mortgage if​ you​ keep beginning the​ process over and over again?
Well,​ what if​ your mortgage lender called you​ today and said something like...
if you​ qualify for our new mortgage acceleration program,​ we would like to​ cut up to​ 18-22 years off your mortgage term .​
And we're not going to​ change anything at​ all with your current payments...
What would you​ say to​ an​ offer like that?
Is there even one homeowner in​ America that would honestly say NO to​ that program?
That's right.
There is​ an​ easy way to​ payoff your mortgage in​ as​ little as​ 12 years or​ even LESS .​
With no refinancing your current mortgage and without sending your lender larger or​ more frequent payments.
That is​ true whatever type of​ mortgage that you​ have -- even if​ it​ is​ a​ fixed or​ an​ adjustable mortgage rate,​ 30 or​ even 40 years long,​ whether your mortgage balance is​ only $100,​000 or​ over one million .​
It doesn't matter.
And if​ you​ have credit card debt that makes you​ feel like you​ are drowning in​ high interest rates that result in​ huge monthly minimum payments,​ you​ can solve that problem as​ well.
In fact,​ I​ would suggest getting rid of​ that debt before starting to​ payoff your mortgage debt since personal credit card debt is​ non deductible off your income taxes.
I'm often asked questions like,​ are you​ sure that I​ don't have to​ get a​ NEW mortgage? Do I​ have higher monthly expenses so that I​ have to​ change my current lifestyle? Am I​ ever locked into anything?
The answer to​ all of​ those questions is​ NO!
Well why hasn't my bank told me how I​ can pay off my mortgage in​ less than half the​ time it​ takes your neighbors?
Let me ask you? Why would they? Why would they want to​ stop getting 30 years of​ interest income (your payments) and just settle for 7-14 years of​ payments? It is​ not to​ the​ lender's benefit to​ tell you​ how get become debt free!
Did you​ know that with a​ 30 year mortgage at​ 7%,​ that about 80% of​ all your mortgage payments during the​ first 5 years of​ the​ loan are interest.
Did you​ know that it​ isn't until some point in​ the​ 20th year that even half of​ your monthly mortgage payment goes towards paying down you​ principle (your loan balance)?
Let me give you​ an​ example of​ a​ typical client:
Mr .​
and Mrs .​
Smith earn $3,​000 combined every two weeks in​ take-home pay (after taxes and benefits) .​
Their normal monthly bills (excluding the​ mortgage) run $3,​000 each month.
They live in​ a​ home worth $250,​000 with a​ $200,​000 current mortgage balance with 25 years remaining on​ the​ loan .​
Their loan interest rate is​ 6.25% with a​ monthly payment of​ $1,​539 (excluding taxes and insurance).
With this set of​ assumptions,​ how long would it​ take the​ Smiths to​ FULLY pay off their mortgage with this financial strategy?
Just under 10 years!!
How much interest would the​ Smiths save over their 30 year original mortgage plan without using this strategy?
So they saved over a​ quarter of​ a​ million dollars in​ interest and saved years of​ writing and mailing those hefty monthly mortgage checks! After paying off their mortgage,​ they get to​ keep that $1,​539 payment every month and use if​ for their kid's college or​ to​ prepare for retirement,​ travel or​ whatever they want!
All with no re-financing and without sending larger or​ more frequent payments to​ the​ lender .​
They were never locked into anything and retained complete flexibility.
And your interest savings could be much much more -- especially if​ you​ have a​ jumbo mortgage or​ have a​ higher interest rate.
There's an​ old saying that those who understand interest,​ collect it​ while those who don't.. .​
pay it!
To learn more about how you​ can pay off your mortgage quicker than you​ ever thought possible,​ please visit the​ website listed in​ the​ author BIO box.

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