How To Pack For A Luxury World Cruise

With the​ popularity of​ luxury world cruises growing,​ there are more and more people asking for advice once they have decided that a​ world cruise is​ the​ vacation of​ their dreams. Keeping in​ mind that most world cruises last between 100 and 250 days,​ there are a​ lot of​ things to​ think about. One of​ the​ most often asked question is,​ “What should we​ pack?” Here are a​ few helpful suggestions,​ and though some may seem obvious,​ it​ is​ important to​ have a​ running list so that you don’t get confused about what you have or​ have not packed. After all,​ you will be gone the​ greater part of​ a​ year,​ so be prepared! For more information on​ luxury world cruises check out


Travelers interested in​ a​ luxury world cruise should not pack a​ new outfit for each day. to​ make your wardrobe appear fresh without overdoing it,​ pack about ten tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched,​ and bring accent pieces such as​ scarves and attention getting shoes to​ spice up your looks. You will be doing a​ lot of​ walking,​ so bring at​ least 20 pairs of​ socks. You should also bring about five pairs of​ shoes,​ three which are comfortable and made for walking. Chances are your boat will have a​ swimming pool,​ so make sure you include your swimsuit. a​ windbreaker and a​ coat are a​ must,​ so that no matter how mild or​ cold the​ weather is,​ you are prepared. You should also be prepared for formal nights,​ and bring about three formal outfits.


You may not think of​ bringing electronics on​ your luxury world cruise,​ but there are some items that you may need in​ order to​ continue the​ lifestyle you are used to​ at​ home. First and foremost,​ bring a​ power strip and/or outlet converter. Check to​ make sure your ship is​ equipped with USA outlets,​ and if​ not bring the​ appropriate converters. Chances are there will only be one or​ two outlets in​ your cabin,​ and this will help you tremendously. of​ course,​ bring your camera. if​ you are using a​ film camera,​ be sure to​ bring lots and lots of​ extra film. if​ you are using digital,​ you should bring an​ extra memory card and a​ charging cable. You may also want to​ bring a​ laptop so that you can download your pictures instantly. a​ laptop will also help you keep in​ touch with family and privately access the​ internet in​ your cabin. You might also pack an​ alarm clock to​ ensure that you don’t miss any early morning activities. For help on​ finding the​ perfect luxury world cruise for you visit

Paper Work

There are certain important documents you will want to​ bring on​ your luxury world cruise. the​ first and most often forgotten is​ your passport. Although it​ is​ true that most cruise ships will not require you to​ bring your passport,​ when going on​ a​ world cruise you should definitely bring one. Chances are you will be visiting upwards of​ twenty countries,​ and should something happen to​ prevent you from reembarking the​ ship,​ that passport is​ the​ only item that stands between you and being stranded. You should keep several copies of​ your passport and ID. You should have one extra copy in​ a​ completely random place on​ your body every time you leave the​ ship (such as​ your shoe),​ one in​ your cabin safe,​ one in​ your luggage and one checked with the​ ship’s purser. it​ is​ also a​ good idea to​ bring your insurance card,​ and a​ prescription card if​ you have one. There will be an​ onboard doctor,​ but to​ avoid any extremely expensive charges made because of​ health care,​ present your card when you are treated. it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ keep several copies of​ these as​ well.

Packing the​ right clothing,​ electronics and paperwork can be vital to​ the​ success of​ your luxury world cruise. Arriving prepared will give you peace of​ mind. Packing right will also save you money in​ the​ long run,​ so that you do not have to​ purchase overpriced items at​ the​ onboard boutique or​ abroad,​ unless you want to.

A luxury world cruise is​ the​ adventure of​ a​ lifetime,​ and now that you know what to​ pack,​ you can look forward to​ embarking on​ an​ adventure full of​ excitement and empty of​ worry.
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