How To Minimize Stress In Your Life

How To Minimize Stress In Your Life

Every parent gets stressed. Its a​ part of​ life. How we deal with our stress will help shape the​ emotional health of​ our children. This article shows simple keys on​ how to​ deal with stress appropriately. Use these simple tips to​ minimize stress in​ your day to​ day living.

Lower your expectations and you​ will suffer less disappointment. Try seeing everything as​ already perfect and accept things as​ they are,​ then you​ can strive less and relax more.

Learn to​ say NO. Next time someone asks you​ to​ do something,​ before the​ word ‘yes’ slips out,​ pause,​ say you​ can’t give an​ answer just yet – you’ll get back to​ them. This technique gives you​ time to​ think. Now you​ can choose to​ say NO,​ calmly,​ politely and kindly.

Do one thing at​ a​ time. SLOW DOWN! if​ you​ are racing,​ so is​ your heart! Write yourself a​ list,​ prioritize your tasks and work through your list methodically. you​ need to​ enjoy what you​ are doing,​ not just the​ results of​ your efforts.

Stop trying to​ fall asleep. So many people go to​ bed desperate to​ fall asleep as​ quickly as​ possible,​ and then suffer the​ frustration of​ wakefulness. Quit struggling – you​ need to​ relax before you​ can sleep! Be thankful that you​ are warm,​ safe and cozy,​ be glad that your body is​ resting. Breathe deeply,​ slowly,​ gently and listen to​ your heart beating peacefully.

Laugh more! Get serious an​ about humor. Laughter is​ seriously healing. the​ special chemicals released when we laugh are nature’s finest form of​ natural medicine. When you’ve suffered a​ stressful day,​ make sure you​ ‘suffer’ some serious humor in​ the​ evening. Watch a​ comedy show or​ film,​ one you​ know will produce copious laughter,​ to​ counter the​ stress you’ve endured. if​ you​ want to​ take a​ 30 second 'holiday' here is​ a​ funny video to​ watch:

Treat yourself to​ a​ catnap and don’t feel guilty. When your body is​ pleading for rest,​ “40 winks” works wonders but only if​ you​ don’t feel guilty about this.

Get out in​ the​ fresh air! Drab office,​ the​ whir of​ computer hard drives the​ drone of​ your boss’s demands. Get outside during your lunch break,​ find a​ patch of​ green,​ some flowers,​ even wander around a​ garden center! Lose yourself in​ nature and feel your tensions dissipate,​ for a​ while at​ least.

Live in​ the​ now. The past is​ gone,​ you​ can’t change it. the​ future is​ mysterious and seductive,​ but only with you​ in​ your dreams. What you​ need is​ with you​ NOW so make the​ most of​ it. Be creative and give everything you’ve got to​ NOW.

How To Minimize Stress In Your Life

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