How To Make Sure Grubs Dont Destroy Your Lawn

How To Make Sure Grubs Dont Destroy Your Lawn

What are grubs?

White grubs are the​ larval stage of​ beetles and are the​ most widespread turf grass pests in​ the​ United States. in​ fact,​ there are a​ number of​ different types of​ grubs that can damage your lawn. a​ single grub is​ usually less than 1 inch in​ length and usually curled into a​ C-shape when exposed. However,​ just 10 grubs in​ a​ square foot of​ grass can permanently damage a​ healthy lawn because grubs feed on​ grass roots. in​ fact,​ there may be several types of​ grubs within a​ single patch of​ infested grass.

According to​ the​ U.S. Department of​ Agriculture,​ Americans spend $156 million each year replacing the​ lawns that grubs destroy. And if​ you add up the​ total loss grubs cause throughout their lifecycle,​ the​ USDA estimates a​ staggering $460 million a​ year in​ damage.

Have grubs invaded your lawn? Here are some ways to​ tell if​ you have grubs in​ your lawn:

* There are irregular brown patches in​ your lawn that don't go away with watering.

* You can easily pull up infested sections of​ your lawn like a​ rug.

* There are a​ large number of​ birds in​ your yard. Birds eat grubs.

* Evidence of​ moles,​ skunks,​ or​ raccoons,​ which feed on​ grubs,​ is​ apparent.

You can fight back. Bayer Advanced Lawn Season-Long Grub Control,​ containing the​ proprietary active ingredient Merit,​ is​ proven to​ kill more grubs - guaranteed. it​ works effectively against all the​ common grub types that are found in​ lawns. Simply apply and water in​ to​ form a​ protective zone in​ the​ soil against grubs all season long with a​ single application.

But if​ your lawn is​ already under attack by an​ active grub infestation,​ Bayer Advanced Lawn 24-Hour Grub Control provides quick relief. it​ contains the​ proprietary active ingredient Dylox,​ which works faster than any other grub killer on​ the​ market. in​ fact,​ grubs usually stop feeding and start to​ die within 24 hours. it​ also kills sod webworms,​ mole crickets and cutworms.

How To Make Sure Grubs Dont Destroy Your Lawn

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