How To Identify Stress And Anxiety

How To Identify Stress And Anxiety

Every human being is​ an​ emotional being. the​ levels of​ emotions may be high or​ low. But when that level is​ disturbed,​ you​ have stress and anxiety. the​ dividing line between these two negative tendencies is​ very thin. Your anxiety may be due to​ stress or​ your stress may be due to​ anxiety. Every stress and anxiety has a​ root cause to​ it. And the​ symptoms are the​ by products of​ such causes.

The first symptom of​ stress is​ that you​ are not a​ normal person,​ when you​ are seized with it. Your face will indicate what you​ are! They say the​ face is​ the​ mirror of​ the​ man. Your emotions will be disturbed and it​ will show up on​ your face.

You have a​ feeling that is​ difficult to​ explain. you​ have only questions,​ with no definite answers. if​ there are answers,​ they are multiple answers. you​ see several options before you,​ you​ see several paths before you,​ but unable to​ decide which one is​ yours. the​ worry and uncertainty of​ the​ failure haunts you. you​ are totally confused. All these are stress symptoms.

Further,​ with the​ feeling of​ anxiety your self-esteem is​ hurt and motivation is​ punctured. you​ feel that you​ have come to​ a​ dead end. it​ is​ a​ state of​ uneasiness that you​ are unable to​ explain with convincing reasons. you​ are a​ split personality. Your emotions are not responding to​ your reason. you​ begin to​ come to​ haphazard conclusions. Most importantly,​ you​ don't understand why you​ feel what you​ feel. the​ way you​ feel. you​ are facing some grim experiences and your attitude turns cynical. you​ feel that the​ human beings are ignoble. you​ feel that the​ whole world is​ ignoble!

To walk to​ your freedom from the​ levels of​ stress of​ anxiety,​ you​ need to​ walk from darkness to​ light,​ from the​ secret den to​ the​ open sun. the​ fire-brand personality within you​ has to​ bloom. There is​ nothing wrong in​ the​ situations around you. Everything is​ happening the​ way it​ should! at​ the​ moment you​ may feel that it​ is​ working to​ your disadvantage. Your present confusion is​ due to​ your wrong perception of​ matters,​ not due to​ the​ reality of​ the​ issue involved. you​ are unnecessarily seeing the​ serpent in​ the​ rope,​ due the​ surrounding darkness. When the​ light is​ thrown in​ that area,​ you​ see that it​ a​ piece of​ lifeless rope!

What could be the​ root causes of​ symptoms of​ your stress and anxiety? Whenever you​ make compromises with your deep core values and your present disposition,​ your harmony is​ disturbed. Similarly,​ when you​ are worried about your future,​ future of​ your children due to​ economic or​ social circumstances it​ makes you​ anxious.

The right attitude is​ to​ live life in​ its trials,​ tribulations duty and beauty. God has created you​ for a​ purpose,​ try your best to​ fulfill it,​ without any motivated fear! Destroy the​ negative feelings,​ before they sprout!

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