How To Handle Stress

A friend popped this question to​ me- I'm tired of​ being sensitive and freaking out now and again with stress. I'd like to​ be able to​ work and sleep and do the​ other things i need to​ do with steady progress. it​ gets all messed up when I’m not steady. i get upset easily... then i lose my focus and balance... can't concentrate though i try to​ get back to​ my focus... i lose my sleeping routine and schedule. i hate it. the​ question is​ not clear but I am sure you​ get the​ meaning. Many of​ us have this problem. Sudden stress derails us for weeks and throws all our plans haywire. How to​ deal with this kind of​ problem? Here are some ways-


Sit down comfortably and focus mind on​ something. Even candlelight will do. Let the​ thoughts come,​ ignore them. Keep your focus on​ the​ light. Do not move much and remain steady. Watch your breath. if​ it​ is​ fast slow it​ down. Meditation is​ very good to​ relax and bring focus back in​ life.

Control Thoughts-

Say "stop" and re-focus on​ your goals and your ideal future you​ can also focus on​ a​ calming word or​ scene. Do this whenever you​ freak out with stress. Get up from your chair and lie down. Say stop to​ the​ thoughts and focus on​ something lovely. Focus on​ anything that brings positive memories. you​ can control your thoughts by watching them. you​ can use negative feedback for this by wearing a​ rubber band on​ your wrist and snapping it​ when you​ think negatively.


If you​ have many balls to​ juggle,​ start practicing yoga. Yoga is​ very relaxing. Do yoga for only 30 minutes total,​ twice a​ week,​ and you​ will see the​ improvement in​ your mood. Put on​ soothing music and do yoga. Another trick is​ to​ sing and listen to​ it. Most of​ us sing but our ears are somewhere else. Focus ears on​ what you​ are singing and watch the​ difference.


No matter where your emotions were,​ take a​ walk and you​ will feel better. the​ endorphins that are released when you​ walk are very relaxing. Walking also keeps us fit and gives us strength to​ fight stress better. the​ swat removes lots of​ toxins and keeps body clean. Your body will maintain its beauty if​ you​ walk when you​ are under stress.

Important -

Do not let everything bother you. That will surely lead to​ stress. you​ need to​ find out what is​ most important in​ your life. Put your focus on​ what is​ important and forget the​ rest. Otherwise you​ will be wasting your time and energy on​ what is​ not important at​ all. Write down what is​ most important and keep that near your bed and desk. Focus on​ that and leave the​ rest alone.


Take time out for you. Pamper yourself. Stop worrying about what went wrong and forgive yourself for all the​ mistakes. Keep a​ pet and play with him. Enjoy life even if​ things are going wrong.

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