How To Eliminate Stress Instantly Effortlessly In 10 Seconds

No matter where you​ find yourself on​ your career journey,​ you​ know by now that overwhelm is​ a​ natural by-product of​ success.

Whether you​ are employed,​ you​ are in​ transition to​ your own business,​ you​ just started off on​ your entrepreneurial journey,​ you​ have been in​ it​ for a​ while and you​ have an​ established business,​ you​ deal with stress every day (sometimes every minute)

Yes,​ sometimes,​ especially at​ the​ beginning of​ your business journey,​ stress is​ good. it​ drives you​ to​ work long hours,​ you​ get things done,​ you​ push forward. Then,​ after a​ while,​ the​ long hours,​ the​ endless emails and phone calls get to​ you. you​ find that the​ passion is​ leaving you,​ find yourself wondering why you​ got started in​ the​ first place. you​ lost your work/life balance.

You know that stress got to​ you​ if​ you​ frequently wake up tired or​ with a​ headache. Eventually this pain and fatigue drains your energy that you​ need for your business or​ job and your life. Unfortunately,​ you​ can’t spend a​ day in​ company with others without hearing somebody complain about just these symptoms. Yes,​ I have been there and so have my clients. as​ matter of​ fact,​ there has not been a​ time in​ history where the​ level of​ stress has been greater than it​ is​ now,​ in​ our automated,​ fast-changing world of​ internet,​ emails,​ cell phones,​ instant messaging,​ and black berries.

Yet,​ living with too much stress for too long,​ results in​ behaviors that are opposite to​ the​ ones you​ need to​ exceed at​ what you​ desire most. Stress creates adrenaline,​ it​ allows for spontaneous,​ reflexive responses it​ enables you​ to​ react to​ stimuli. an​ effective business leader does the​ opposite. He/she acts based on​ careful thinking and analysis and calm decision-making. Pro-active behavior rather than reactive behavior.

My clients come to​ me for two reasons:

a) they want to​ grow a​ thriving business while they want to​ create a​ rich life and

b) they find that they work harder and longer hours for less return.

You might identify with that. Have you​ started feeling overwhelmed,​ tired,​ stressed,​ short-tempered and maybe even burned out? Are you​ coming home feeling worn out,​ short tempered and irritated? Your productivity is​ down. you​ know that you​ can’t create a​ rich life,​ nor be successful over long term if​ you​ let overwhelm and long-term stress run your life.

Any career success,​ independent of​ your ultimate goal is​ not worth the​ ills that prolonged stress can bring on. My clients tell me that they can’t sleep at​ night because they have so much to​ do,​ their stomachs hurt because they have to​ choose between picking up their kids from school and working that extra hour. Especially my women entrepreneur clients tell me how tired they are at​ night because they work two shifts,​ one at​ work,​ the​ second one as​ a​ mom and home manager.

Yet,​ what I also hear sometimes is​ a​ kind of​ pride of​ staying “so” busy,​ of​ juggling it​ all precariously high in​ the​ air. That to​ me,​ is​ great for a​ few short days because you​ have to​ meet a​ deadline or​ you​ are getting ready for some out-of town travel but over long term,​ this “heroic” and “stoic” pursuit of​ too many things at​ the​ same time,​ is​ certainly detrimental to​ your health and to​ your business.

When we confuse busyness with productivity,​ which is​ exactly what happens when we squeeze too much into one day,​ we actually lower our productivity,​ do it​ less well and have a​ lot less fun in​ the​ process. the​ most amazing part of​ learning how to​ manage stress in​ an​ easy-to-implement way is​ that you​ find yourself in​ your optimal learning and performance zone much more often than before.

Every time you​ practice any of​ the​ eight strategies I am teaching in​ my stress-busting audio course,​ you’ll find that your blood is​ returning to​ your brain as​ each technique is​ signaling to​ the​ body that the​ fearful,​ stress-inducing situation is​ over and the​ calm has returned. Research shows that we have a​ specific zone in​ which we work most productivily. Whatever time we spend outside of​ that zone because of​ stress and overwhelm or​ because we are multi-tasking or​ we are being distracted,​ is​ time spent in​ mediocrity.

In my book,​ ”The Art of​ Succeeding By Design” and its accompanying audio guide to​ enjoying your success stress-free,​ you​ will find that having a​ plan to​ succeed AND having proven stress-managing tools are the​ keys to​ accelerating your business and career while allowing you​ to​ slow down to​ life!

The technique I am teaching you​ today through this article (and the​ many other techniques I teach in​ my audio course) are the​ result of​ years of​ personal research of​ stress studies,​ my graduate studies in​ occupational therapy at​ USC,​ years of​ professional experience helping chronically ill patients reduce their fear and stress to​ facilitate healing and recovery and of​ course,​ my years of​ coaching entrepreneurs living very similar lives to​ yours.
Ok,​ onto strategy number One then: in​ my book,​ the​ first chapter talked about creating a​ vision for your life and business that is​ compelling to​ you. That you​ should align that vision with your values and passion,​ that this will help you​ jump out of​ bed every morning and take on​ the​ world. That this vision will help you​ overcome any obstacle that might be thrown onto your business path. That this vision will help you​ stay focused and on​ track. Whether you​ are employed or​ have started on​ your entrepreneurial path,​ I hope you​ have created a​ very exciting vision for yourself.

With that excitement comes though another challenge and that is: How do you​ keep your excitement in​ check and don’t let it​ turn into a​ run-away train of​ late nights and weekends in​ front of​ the​ computer? I know that the​ excitement for my work,​ for helping business owners,​ for making a​ difference,​ for the​ privilege of​ using my creativity is​ the​ most exciting project I have ever undertaken but after a​ while,​ it​ also caused me to​ get a​ tight stomach or​ had my heart beat a​ bit faster. Have you​ noticed how your body reacts to​ your excitement? This energy is​ good but it​ needs to​ be channeled and used only when you​ ask for it.

Here is​ then a​ great and very powerful way to​ channel that energy. it​ can help you​ be more productive and reduce the​ wear and tear that this sense of​ excitement can have on​ your body. it​ simply has to​ do with breathing. Yes,​ you​ might be laughing (that would be good) but keep paying attention. When we feel stressed,​ our breathing becomes shallower. We start breathing faster and less deeply and ultimately only use 20% of​ the​ oxygen in​ our lungs.

The result is​ two-fold:

1) you​ only circulate a​ very limited amount of​ oxygen in​ your body

2) your body goes into defense mode because of​ shallower breathing signals danger.

So,​ what is​ there to​ do? Simple,​ stop your work for just a​ few seconds and start breathing deeply by inhaling slowly with a​ rise of​ your belly. Put your hand on​ your belly and feel it​ rise up and lower down. Breathe deeply,​ fully and slowly for about 10 seconds. That signals to​ the​ body that “the coast is​ clear”,​ the​ danger has passed and you​ can then reenter your high-productivity zone,​ that zone where you​ can think clearly and act rationally.

Easy,​ yes? Ok,​ let’s practice it​ right now: With your hands on​ your belly,​ breath in,​ take a​ deep long breath; watch your hands as​ they rise up with you​ breathe in. Then watch your hands as​ they lower with your out-breath. Let the​ air out of​ your belly without losing your relaxation. Take another deep breath,​ and let it​ out,​ and one more,​ in​ and OUT.

Now,​ how do you​ feel? Like the​ air cleared,​ like sanity returned,​ like a​ fresh breath of​ spring air entered your room? It’s good,​ it’s it? So,​ remember,​ every time you​ start feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list,​ when you​ feel angry,​ when you​ are starting to​ worry about your business or​ career success,​ you​ have to​ deal with kids who don’t want to​ cooperate,​ in​ traffic while late to​ a​ meeting,​ any time,​ you​ feel like it,​ take a​ few deep,​ calm,​ slow breaths and feel peace reenter your life!

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