How Stress Increases Productivity

How Stress Increases Productivity

Stress is​ an​ unavoidable consequence of​ life. as​ Hans Selye (who coined the​ term as​ it​ is​ currently used) noted,​ "Without stress,​ there would be no life". However,​ just as​ distress can cause disease,​ it​ seems plausible that there are good stresses that promote wellness. Stress is​ not always necessarily harmful. Winning a​ race or​ election can be just stressful as​ losing,​ or​ more so,​ but may trigger very different biological responses.

Stress Increases Productivity

Increased stress results in​ increased productivity,​ up to​ a​ point. However,​ this level differs for each of​ us. It's very much like the​ stress on​ a​ violin string. Not enough produces a​ dull,​ raspy sound. Too much tension makes a​ shrill,​ annoying noise or​ snaps the​ string. However,​ just the​ right degree can create a​ magnificent tone. Similarly,​ we all need to​ find the​ proper level of​ stress that allows us to​ perform optimally and make melodious music as​ we go through life.


Some of​ the​ early work on​ stress established the​ existence of​ the​ well-known fight-or-flight response. Researches showed that when an​ animal experiences a​ shock or​ perceives a​ threat,​ it​ quickly releases hormones that help it​ to​ survive.

These hormones help us to​ run faster and fight harder. They increase heart rate and blood pressure,​ delivering more oxygen and blood sugar to​ power important muscles. They increase sweating in​ an​ effort to​ cool these muscles,​ and help them stay efficient. They divert blood away from the​ skin to​ the​ core of​ our bodies,​ reducing blood loss if​ we are damaged. And as​ well as​ this,​ these hormones focus our attention on​ the​ threat,​ to​ the​ exclusion of​ everything else. All of​ this significantly improves our ability to​ survive life-threatening events. This is​ Stress.

Unfortunately,​ this mobilization of​ the​ body for survival also has negative consequences. in​ this state,​ we are excitable,​ anxious,​ jumpy and irritable. This reduces our ability to​ work effectively with other people.

How Can I Tell What is​ Optimal Stress for Me?

There is​ no single level of​ stress that is​ optimal for all people. We are all individual creatures with unique requirements. as​ such,​ what is​ distressing to​ one may be a​ joy to​ another. And even when we agree that a​ particular event is​ distressing,​ we are likely to​ differ in​ our physiological and psychological responses to​ it.

It has been found that most illness is​ related to​ unrelieved stress. if​ you​ are experiencing stress symptoms,​ you​ have gone beyond your optimal stress level; you​ need to​ reduce the​ stress in​ your life and/or improve your ability to​ manage it.

Stress Ball

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