How Stress Affects Your Health

How Stress Affects Your Health
In our highpowered world of​ technology we find our lives going at ​ such a​ rapid pace that things seem to​ be spinning out of​ control. ​
This and​ normal everyday problems with family and​ money contribute to​ a​ build up of​ stress. ​
This is​ one of​ the​ main reasons that we do not enjoy the​ good health we deserve.
Sometimes we are not even aware of​ the​ problem until a​ crisis occurs in​ our lives,​ by that time considerable damage can have occurred and​ it​ is​ difficult to​ turn our lives around onto the​ right path.
Signs of​ stress Your body has ways of​ showing stress and​ it​ is​ important to​ be aware of​ them
• First you​ may be experiencing tension in​ your muscles,​ especially your neck and​ back
• Fidgeting,​ you​ need to​ hold something with your hands cigarettes,​ twirling pencils etc
• you​ just have difficulty in​ relaxing
• Depression.
We have all experienced aches and​ pains and​ are not sure why. ​
This is​ often one of​ the​ first signs of​ stress affecting your body. ​
Fidgeting and​ restlessness are very common in​ people with tension and​ stress. ​
Depression is​ a​ common disorder that if ​ left unchecked can lead to​ serious mental illness. ​
it​ is​ very important to​ catch these initial symptoms of​ stress as​ early as​ possible,​ before they develop into more serious problems.
Your body’s reaction to​ stress
• High blood pressure
• Lack of​ concentration
• Irregular breathing
• Strain on​ your heart
All these reactions to​ stress can turn into life threatening problems. ​
High blood pressure is​ a​ wellknown precursor of​ more serious problems like strokes and​ aneurisms. ​
Lack of​ concentration can cause problems while driving or​ operating industrial machinery. ​
Irregular breathing can develop into Asthma. ​
Any strain on​ your heart is​ bad and​ can lead to​ serious consequences and​ even death.
Here are some pointers to​ cut down stress
• Organize your time
• Spend some time away from all your worries and​ caresfind time to​ relax
• Stop worrying it​ will not help you​ solve the​ problem
• Be aware that you​ have stress problems
• Try to​ eat well and​ sleep well
• Try to​ train yourself to​ be positive
When you​ organize your time you​ will find it​ easier to​ get things done. ​
Prioritize your tasks and​ do them one at ​ a​ time. ​
You will get them done more quickly and​ easily this way. ​
Take some time out for yourself and​ try to​ relax. ​
Try some meditation this is​ a​ good stress reliever. ​
Do something that you​ like to​ do. ​
Once you​ are aware that you​ are stressing out you​ can find out the​ main factors that are causing it​ and​ try to​ solve or​ alleviate the​ problems. ​
Look after yourself and​ try to​ eat well,​ sleep well and​ above all be positive
Some nutritional supplements can help your stressedout body heal itself. ​
Supplements that supply your body with essential Glyconutrients can help when you​ are stressed. ​
Why? Because glyconutrients become depleted when your body gets stressed out. ​
When you​ have less of​ these vital nutrients your immune system becomes weakened and​ you​ are more susceptible to​ infections and​ diseases. ​
Taking glyconutrients can help your body reverse these damaging effects caused by stress and​ enable you​ to​ live a​ healthier happier life.

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