How Stress Affects A Person

How Stress Affects A Person

Everyone knows that stress exists. you​ and I deal with it​ every single day of​ our lives. But,​ what many don't understand is​ how stress affects a​ person. it​ can change who you​ are,​ what you​ think,​ and how you​ feel.

As humans,​ we all cope with stress in​ our own ways. We may choose to​ ignore it​ which really isn't coping and can lead to​ more serious physical and mental health problems. or​ we may turn it​ to​ our advantage,​ run from it,​ or​ get beaten down by it. Whichever way we choose to​ deal with stress the​ fact remains the​ same: Stress does affect a​ person and shouldn’t be ignored.

If you​ choose to​ ignore stress your body will begin to​ feel "overloaded." It's not healthy to​ let stress linger; to​ let it​ feed off of​ your internal organs. as​ I mentioned before,​ holding in​ the​ things that are bothering you​ could lead to​ serious health risks. Most of​ us like to​ think we're strong and can handle anything placed before us. So what if​ you​ can run yourself ragged twenty-four hours a​ day? So what if​ you​ can muster up energy on​ only two hours of​ sleep?

No prizes are given out for that lifestyle. And none of​ these things will matter when stress decides to​ blow up in​ your face. So just how does stress affect a​ person?

If you​ don't take the​ time to​ deplete the​ stressors you're faced with you'll soon find you​ can't think as​ clearly,​ and you​ may even become filled with rage. Furthermore,​ your body can only take so much abuse.

When your body and mind have been filled with enough pain and aggravation,​ you​ begin to​ weaken and you​ may not even realize it​ at​ first. And the​ affects of​ the​ weakening process will change who you​ are and why you​ exist. You'll also start to​ realize changes – for the​ worse – in​ your physical health. Stress poses some significant health risks such as​ high blood pressure,​ heart disease,​ diabetes,​ and gastric problems. it​ can also lead to​ weight gain,​ premature again and simply feeling more aches and pains.

Stress affects a​ person in​ some deadly ways . . . stress is​ a​ capable killer. it​ needs to​ be taken seriously by everyone – no exceptions.

Choosing to​ run from stress will not stop it. Stress can and will catch up to​ you​ no matter where you​ flee to​ or​ where you​ try to​ hide. Instead face the​ challenge head on. Please don't let stress affect you​ as​ a​ person in​ any significant negative ways.

You don't want to​ become like some folks. I'm talking about people who let stress beat them down so badly that they're unrecognizable. the​ person that they once were is​ "lost."

They become irritable,​ agitated,​ exhausted,​ hopeless,​ defiant,​ submissive,​ and antisocial. They stop exploring the​ joys of​ life and instead dwell on​ the​ evils. They lose all concentration and enter into denial. They stop communicating with the​ outside world. They give up on​ hope and latch on​ to​ despair. They become lost souls.

Conversely,​ when you​ use stress to​ your advantage you've learned the​ skill of​ processing stress in​ a​ positive way. You've learned to​ cope with it​ effectively and to​ channel it. you​ don't let the​ little things wear you​ down. you​ thrive to​ have bigger things fall into your lap.

You take the​ time to​ think about the​ situation confronting you. Then you​ decide how you​ can use it​ to​ move forward. you​ harness the​ energy normally wasted on​ stress and use to​ fuel your ambitions. You're not afraid of​ stress. Instead you​ let it​ affect you​ in​ a​ positive way.

How stress affects a​ person varies from person to​ person. But it​ doesn't have to​ alter your personality. it​ doesn't have to​ be a​ demon. And it​ doesn't have to​ cause chaos in​ your life or​ those you​ love. you​ can manage it​ and you​ can be the​ winner in​ stressful situations.

How Stress Affects A Person

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