How Others Who Actively Practice The Law Of Attraction Can Reinforce One Another

How Others Who Actively Practice The Law Of Attraction Can Reinforce
One Another

One of​ the​ major precepts of​ the​ Law of​ Attraction is​ that everything is​ fundamentally connected. This means that the​ transfer of​ information is​ in​ some way possible,​ regardless of​ the​ constraints of​ space or​ time. While fascinating in​ its own right,​ you may wonder what this means to​ you in​ a​ practical sense. it​ means that you have help out there if​ you make a​ concerted effort to​ focus your thoughts on​ the​ same worthy goal and it​ doesn't even matter where you are.

An aspect of​ the​ Law of​ Attraction,​ that should not be underestimated,​ is​ the​ profound impact that an​ association or​ gathering of​ people has upon the​ force that is​ at​ the​ heart of​ the​ Law of​ Attraction. There are plenty of​ examples in​ science (and what is​ often known as​ “para-science”) where the​ power of​ the​ mind,​ when demonstrated,​ is​ far greater than the​ sum of​ parts when many people concentrate on​ the​ very same thing.

This effect has been evidenced by the​ empirical evidence of​ millions throughout history as​ well as​ in​ scientific studies such as​ the​ Princeton thought experiments that began in​ the​ 1970s and continue to​ this day. While there are no instruments that can directly measure the​ effect of​ mental energy,​ random number generators have shown differences in​ coherence – whether the​ output was more or​ less coherent than pure random doesn't seem to​ make a​ difference. That there is​ a​ measurable effect,​ even an​ indirect one,​ has been proven to​ the​ satisfaction of​ many who methodically pursue these phenomena.

Just like the​ Law of​ Attraction as​ presented in​ “The Secret,​” visualization and focus is​ the​ key to​ making seemingly improbable things happen in​ demonstrable ways. the​ evidence suggests that when focusing the​ minds of​ others on​ a​ given task,​ key is​ to​ be clearly focused on​ a​ goal. When the​ power of​ thought from just a​ few dozen people very clearly focused on​ a​ very specific action or​ event,​ things happen powerfully and often far more rapidly than you may have thought possible from your experience as​ a​ solitary practitioner.

Conversely,​ when the​ concentration is​ not focused or​ not very,​ very specific,​ the​ outcome is​ not coherently influenced and different visions compete with one another. This means that not agreeing on​ an​ image and very clearly communicating can sabotage the​ project even before you start. the​ timing of​ such an​ exercise isn't nearly as​ important as​ the​ intent behind it.

It is​ very important that everyone involved see the​ final outcome as​ clearly as​ possible. in​ one memorable thought experiment,​ a​ popular late-night talk radio host asked his audience of​ several million people to​ concentrate on​ sending rain to​ a​ drought-stricken Texas. the​ rain did indeed fall,​ to​ the​ point where much flooding occurred,​ and homes all over the​ state were ruined or​ washed away. Sometimes,​ too much of​ a​ good thing is​ just too much.

Moreover,​ there are benefits beyond the​ outcome of​ your own thought experiments. as​ human beings,​ we​ are drawn to​ friends,​ associates and co-workers – other members of​ the​ pack. as​ a​ wise fellow once said,​ “ man is​ an​ island.” Aside from the​ necessary assistance of​ other people,​ human minds are designed to​ derive a​ sense of​ comfort and peace from interaction with other people. it​ is​ at​ the​ centre of​ our emotional well-being. Without this interaction,​ it​ is​ difficult enough to​ find enough inner peace to​ give one's mind over to​ complete and total visualization on​ the​ objects of​ your desire,​ even for a​ few minutes per day.

Friends and associates very often share your interests and ideas. Many of​ the​ groups around the​ world that have sprung up to​ watch and discuss the​ ideas of,​ “The Secret,​” have found they're visualizing the​ same things. Wouldn't it​ be a​ great way to​ proactive visualization and intent focus by getting together with like-minded individuals and trying to​ bring about something good for the​ whole community?

Even if​ the​ group task you choose to​ focus on​ is​ to​ benefit only one member of​ the​ group,​ the​ combined power of​ several people actively “seeing” such an​ outcome and really feeling it​ as​ real in​ their minds,​ can yield remarkable results. Not only should the​ group discuss very precisely what is​ is​ they want to​ achieve,​ but also perhaps take some time and do a​ visualization together,​ out loud,​ each person taking turns and contributing to​ the​ image.

It is​ also important that each and every member of​ the​ group feel and perhaps discuss how grateful they are. Not only for the​ presence of​ the​ other group members,​ but for the​ ability to​ reach out to​ other people and pool your mental resources together in​ such a​ potentially incredible and useful way.

This tool,​ when used wisely,​ has the​ ability to​ make the​ addition of​ each mind into such a​ group greater than the​ sum of​ its parts. Your ability to​ attract that which is​ useful to​ you will increase exponentially.

By Yu Shan © 2007

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