How The Law Of Attraction Really Works

When I heard about the​ Law of​ Attraction I could not believe it. How easy and inexpensive this method to​ change my life would be. I was truly skeptical but I went ahead and tried it. And it​ really worked for me!

Many people have been watching the​ Secret and have come to​ hear about the​ Law of​ Attraction for the​ first time. How does the​ Law of​ Attraction work? Esther Hicks who is​ channeling Abraham is​ telling us that we​ are vibrational beings. Everything in​ this universe even objects that we​ perceive to​ be solid are vibrating. There is​ really nothing solid about it.

Knowing the​ Law of​ Attraction will help you to​ mold your life into a​ life that you would like to​ live. You no longer have to​ believe that you are depending on​ an​ outside source to​ make things better in​ your life. You are your own creator and with the​ Law of​ Attraction you can attract whatever who want into your life. You may have heard about that like attracts like. Start to​ focus on​ what you really want. Keep your focus away from what you do not want! Most people by nature keep thinking more about the​ things they do not want. we​ are constantly bombarded with negative experiences. When we​ turn on​ the​ news,​ read the​ newspapers or​ even listen to​ some of​ the​ music the​ messages we​ are getting are mostly negative. we​ are so used to​ this that we​ do not even realize it.

Learning about the​ Law of​ Attraction makes us think more conscientiously about being a​ person with more positive thoughts.

There are 3 ways that can help you to​ have more positive influences and thoughts in​ your life:

1. Choose to​ watch TV programs that are funny and movies with a​ happy ending.

2. When listening to​ music find enjoyment in​ upbeat music or​ instrumental music.

3. When choosing your friends listen to​ what they are talking about. Avoid being around negative talk or​ talk that will make you feel bad.

When focusing on​ the​ positive aspects of​ live you can also check out more information on​ the​ Law of​ Attraction. You can do this by taking a​ look at​ this site!

Sit down and think about the​ life that you live right now. Make an​ estimation of​ everything that you love about your life. Then use a​ separate sheet of​ paper and write down the​ changes that you will have to​ make to​ live the​ life that you really want.

Take a​ look at​ your first sheet of​ paper and feel gratitude for the​ good things you already have.

Write down everything on​ the​ second sheet of​ paper that you want to​ change in​ your life. Maybe you want to​ start with the​ most important one first. Try to​ feel how it​ feels for example to​ be debt free if​ you are experiencing money problems. Your feelings are important when working along with the​ Law of​ Attraction. Try not to​ have negative feelings about an​ unpleasant situation in​ your life. of​ course that might be very difficult but look at​ it​ as​ an​ opportunity to​ create something better in​ life. Imagine a​ bad situation turned around into a​ pleasant one situation.

Feel how it​ will feel to​ experience harmony and peace! Remember that the​ universe responds to​ vibrations. Attract positive and pleasant vibrations into your life! Become a​ person with positive thoughts and feeling!

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