How The Law Of Attraction Has Helped Me With Arthritis

How The Law Of Attraction Has Helped Me With Arthritis

I had been diagnosed with Arthritis about 5 years ago. I was only 52 at​ the​ time and I was thinking how debilitating this decease can be. I was wondering how I could get around in​ about 10 more years? Would I have to​ be a​ burden for my family? the​ doctor prescribed the​ usual medication for persons who are suffering from Arthritis. Some of​ the​ medication I have heard caused a​ few people to​ die. When I talked to​ my doctor about this he told me that he never had a​ patient who had died from certain medications. Well I was hurting and so I started to​ take medication for Arthritis for about 2 weeks when I came down with a​ severe bronchitis. I stopped taking the​ medication immediately. Then I heard about the​ Law of​ Attraction and I was watching the​ “Secret”. I also have bought some books on​ the​ same subject. I started meditation and affirmations,​ I left a​ very restrictive religion and I was changing the​ way I was thinking. I felt appreciation for each and every day that I lived. I was in​ pains everyday but I tried not to​ focus on​ my pain or​ even talk about it. I tried to​ ignore it​ which was really hard.

I used to​ love to​ do yard work and I had beautiful flower beds that had been neglected since I came down with this painful condition. Every year I was thinking maybe next year I can go back outside and do what I used to​ do. in​ my mind I was trying to​ rearrange my flower beds and I was even drawing pictures of​ how I wanted them to​ look. My family supported me in​ these efforts as​ they too used the​ Law of​ Attraction for their own goals.

Well I did not take any of​ the​ prescribed medications and I did make my doctor mad. I took my vitamins and tried to​ enjoy a​ healthy diet rich in​ fruits and vegetables,​ I did my meditations and affirmations and I focused on​ a​ happy and exciting future. I felt every day how it​ feels to​ have a​ wonderful live,​ I was determined not to​ let anybody make me feel bad. I never talked to​ others much about my health condition.

Healing is​ a​ process it​ does not always come overnight. But I am here to​ tell you that I have been able this year to​ arrange and work in​ my flower beds exactly the​ way I wanted to​ for the​ first time again. Lately I have noticed quiet a​ difference in​ the​ way I feel and in​ the​ way I can manage my pains. I am amazed,​ it’s true I am still having arthritis but it​ has become so much better! There has been a​ big improvement! I will continue to​ live in​ harmony with the​ knowledge about the​ Law of​ Attraction and how it​ really works.

I am telling you this story to​ let you know that there is​ hope even if​ you are experiencing health problems. What you think and how you feel can make all the​ difference. the​ knowledge about the​ Law of​ Attraction is​ the​ key to​ take the​ first steps to​ posses a​ better health!

Read more about the​ Law of​ Attraction and how other people have been able to​ get well despite severe health problems. Take heart! You are not powerless and you do not always have to​ depend on​ expensive medicines to​ improve your health. Apply the​ power of​ the​ Law of​ Attraction in​ your life and become well!

How The Law Of Attraction Has Helped Me With Arthritis

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