How Does Lawn Chair Millionaire Mlm Really Work

How Does Lawn Chair Millionaire MLM Really Work?
Lawn Chair Millionaire is​ a​ MLM that just launched on​ December 7,​ 2007 and is​ already spreading like wildfire across the​ internet .​
the​ viral expansion of​ the​ company raises the​ question: What do they really have to​ offer?
According to​ the​ Lawn Chair Millionaire company website,​ there are three ways to​ earn money .​
Everyone who joins is​ given an​ immediate cash bonus from the​ Moneyline Pool .​
Each member's cash bonus,​ referred to​ as​ shares of​ the​ Moneyline Pool,​ continues to​ grow for 60 days from the​ date they joined as​ more people enter the​ program .​
At first,​ this seems unbelievable .​
According to​ a​ company spokesperson,​ the​ share growth depends on​ the​ referral results of​ others who joined on​ the​ same day .​
the​ exact algorithm is​ a​ well-kept secret .​
With this formula,​ it​ is​ literally possible to​ do no work and have your shares grow in​ value,​ as​ long as​ someone else in​ your group is​ working .​

The second way to​ earn money with Lawn Chair Millionaire is​ where the​ real money is​ - sponsoring others into the​ business and earning commission on​ referrals and residual income on​ subscriptions to​ the​ service offered .​
This income can be substantial .​
As an​ example,​ using data posted on​ the​ Lawn Chair Millionaire official website,​ the​ top sponsor (after less than a​ full week from launch) has referred over 400 people .​
the​ upfront income from that effort,​ at​ $20 per person,​ is​ more than $8000 .​
Even better,​ the​ residual income,​ earning $15 per person for each month of​ their subscription,​ is​ more than $6000 .​
This is​ potentially a​ residual income of​ over $72,​000 per year created in​ one week! Do you think somebody might get rich from this program?
Finally,​ the​ Vault is​ the​ name of​ the​ subscription service available to​ members .​
the​ Vault currently contains three products,​ with more on​ the​ way .​
All current products deal with arbitrage .​
the​ arbitrage techniques are advanced money-management and investment techniques that can yield out-of-this-world earnings with greatly reduced risk .​
These are investment vehicles,​ so it​ is​ necessary to​ invest in​ order to​ earn using these products and there is​ some level of​ risk with any investment.
All in​ all,​ Lawn Chair Millionaire has a​ lot to​ offer .​
They are using advanced concepts of​ MLM,​ with up-front and residual income streams .​
the​ combination of​ the​ Moneyline Pool that provides an​ immediate cash bonus,​ plus the​ potential for substantial residual income makes Lawn Chair Millionaire an​ appealing program with a​ low cost,​ low risk startup fee and loads of​ long-term potential.
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