How Do I Know If I M Getting Any Of This Law Of Attraction Stuff

This is​ a​ popular question people ask me. How do you know if​ I am mastering the​ art of​ Deliberate Attraction? is​ there an​ advanced course I can take? My answer is​ always the​ same,​ "The application of​ this material into your daily life is​ the​ advanced course!" to​ help you gauge where you're at​ in​ the​ mastery of​ Law of​ Attraction,​ I've compiled a​ list of​ seven sure-fire ways to​ tell if​ YOU are joining the​ thousands of​ people who really are mastering this stuff.

7 TOP indicators that I am mastering Law of​ Attraction

1. I understand and accept that Law of​ Attraction is​ a​ process. it​ is​ a​ process of​ gradually reducing the​ negative vibrational patterns I have towards some areas in​ my life and replacing them with positive thoughts. Through the​ intentional and deliberate use of​ the​ tools of​ Law of​ Attraction,​ I see evidence that my allowing is​ gradually increasing.

2. Over time I am seeing some behavioural changes in​ myself. Even though I constantly hear others using don't,​ not and no I have eventually stopped using these words out loud. Each time I catch myself even thinking these words,​ I automatically ask myself the​ question,​ "So what DO I want?" I know that when I change my words,​ my vibration changes and I can only hold one vibration at​ a​ time.

3. I've noticed over time that I am observing contrast (anything that doesn't feel good to​ me) more and more briefly.

4. I've noticed that I am having fewer and fewer experiences of​ negative people and events in​ my life.
5. It's become second nature for me to​ be aware of​ many,​ many more things that I can appreciate and express gratitude for.

6. I find myself automatically assigning all my new desires to​ Law of​ Attraction. When I want something new in​ my life I say,​ "I'm using Law of​ Attraction to​ get that!"

7. I understand the​ expression I get what I vibrate and I hold myself fully accountable for everything that shows up in​ my life,​ both positive and negative!

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