How Choose The Right Type Of Lawn Mower

How Choose The Right Type Of Lawn Mower

Do you like to​ have a​ beautiful lawn in​ your yard? Clean,​ green and well mowed lawn is​ not just everybody’s dream but also is​ pretty much pleasing. You can engage a​ lawn mowing service for a​ fee but how about doing it​ yourself over the​ weekend? You need to​ know what type of​ lawn mower suffices your need and how much you should spend on​ it​ etc before you bought one for your home.

Choosing the​ Right Type of​ Lawn Mower

Before you chose a​ lawn mower,​ decide whether you want to​ buy electric or​ gasoline driven mower. Each type has its own ups and downs. in​ general you may follow the​ points as​ given below.

1. Base your decision on​ the​ area to​ mow. Larger the​ area bigger is​ the​ mower you may want to​ purchase. You can consider even the​ non powered mower for small lawns.

2. if​ your lawn is​ small and the​ farthest edge is​ about 30 to​ 35 feet away from your nearest power socket you can very well go for an​ electric lawn mower.

3. if​ it​ is​ for large gardens or​ golf courses go for ride-on models powered by diesel or​ gas engines with controls on​ both the​ hands. Even a​ garden tractor suffices for you. Engine power varies from 8.5 HP to​ 13 HP and the​ price from $1750 to​ $5000.

4. Price is​ an​ important factor to​ look at. a​ basic walk-behind model costs about $400 and for a​ little more you get a​ better engine with ball bearing and utility handle bars. Higher prices like $700 to​ $900 get you self starting,​ self propelled models with additional features.

5. For sloped small lawns a​ Hover model suits best. They are light and easy,​ you need to​ carry them to​ lawn and start. They come in​ both diesel and electric versions.

How Do You Want to​ Mow Your Lawn

Summer: Raise the​ mower to​ 3 inches or​ more to​ cut grass long. Mowing once in​ a​ fortnight may be enough depending on​ watering and soil condition.

Spring: Sharpen and service the​ mower before getting started. Only top-dressing must give the​ lawn a​ beautiful look.

Winter: Drain gas from the​ lawn mower and store it​ covered in​ your garage.

Automatic Lawn Mowers

The benefits of​ robot mowers are numerous. You don’t have to​ push or​ ride a​ mower to​ get your lawn mowed,​ you don’t have to​ deal with clippings,​ you free up some of​ your precious weekend time,​ and the​ mulch it​ creates is​ a​ healthy alternative to​ your lawn over fertilizer. Robomowers are also good for the​ environment – they take no gas or​ oil and create no emissions.

How Choose The Right Type Of Lawn Mower

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