How Can You Deal With Your Holiday Stress

When traveling with your family,​ it​ should be a​ wonderful spending time together. Sharing and caring with loved one sounds wonderful,​ but often there is​ an​ undercurrent of​ tension that can make this a​ difficult and dreaded time for some. Why does this happen,​ after all the​ holidays only come around once a​ year and we deal with family tension all year round.

Families,​ who don't normally spend a​ lot of​ time together because of​ work/school commitments or​ because of​ location,​ are now spending all of​ several days together. People fall back into old patterns of​ behavior,​ old arguments still simmer and issues that have been avoided have a​ way of​ coming to​ the​ surface. Those involved can feel angry and unappreciated,​ which in​ turn cause more tension and so the​ cycle begins.

Add to​ the​ mix a​ host who is​ exhausted from weeks of​ shopping,​ planning and decorating,​ teenagers who resent the​ invasion of​ their space and time,​ young children who just know how to​ capitalize on​ the​ fact that you​ have company and you​ have a​ recipe for disaster

If you​ are hosting a​ family holiday event,​ you​ may find that the​ stress of​ trying to​ create the​ perfect holiday season for the​ family begins many weeks before the​ holiday actually arrives. Eliminating holiday tension and stress would require a​ lifestyle change that very few people really want to​ make. you​ can however make it​ more manageable.

1. Accept that the​ holidays will come and there is​ nothing you​ can do about it,​ be determined to​ be flexible and not sweat the​ small stuff.

2. Acknowledge that this is​ not an​ ideal world and that people don't change just because it​ is​ the​ holidays. Your in-laws may snipe at​ your decor and your cooking,​ your teenager will want to​ hang with friends than be stuck with family and everybody else will still be the​ same. in​ the​ grand scheme of​ things it​ does not matter,​ keep it​ in​ perspective,​ remember the​ "perfect holiday" is​ different for everyone.

3. Don't shop till you​ drop,​ instead make a​ list and stick to​ it. Holiday spending can easily get out of​ control and leave you​ with a​ financial headache for the​ New Year. Determine your budget and stick to​ it,​ be ruthless.

4. Don't let guilt or​ a​ misplaced sense of​ obligation force you​ into attending parties and activities you​ would rather not go to. Pick events you​ know you​ will enjoy and that means something to​ you​ and you​ will have a​ great time.

5. Consider your expectations of​ others during the​ holidays. When it​ comes to​ the​ family photo,​ family functions,​ holiday activities,​ do you​ expect your spouse and children to​ be shiny happy people for all such activities and events. Don't let a​ tense situation develop just because they are not behaving the​ way you​ think they should. Consider what they want to​ do and talk about it.
In summary,​ you​ should be realistic,​ focus on​ the​ people you​ love,​ don't overspend,​ keep your sense of​ humor and you​ will keep your sanity. Life is​ short and time is​ precious,​ consider every holiday you​ spend with family and friends as​ a​ wonderful gift. Most important of​ all…Enjoy.

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