Hotline Provides Expert Lawn Care Advice

Hotline Provides Expert Lawn Care Advice

No matter how good you are at​ yardwork,​ the​ grass can actually be greener on​ your side of​ the​ fence-with a​ little free advice from the​ experts.

Throughout May,​ homeowners who have questions about their lawn,​ garden or​ lawn care equipment can get answers by phone or​ e-mail. Simply call the​ toll-free Briggs & Stratton Yard Smarts hotline,​ 1-866-YARD-TIPS (1-866-927-3847),​ or​ submit an​ e-mail by visiting All questions will be answered personally within 48 hours. Also,​ each Friday in​ May,​ consumers can speak directly with lawn,​ garden and equipment experts from noon until 7 p.m. CDT.

Nationally known lawn care expert Trey Rogers,​ Ph.D.,​ the​ Briggs & Stratton "Yard Doctor,​" and a​ team of​ lawn and garden professionals will field any questions homeowners may have related to​ their lawn,​ trees,​ flowers,​ weeds,​ pests,​ etc. in​ addition,​ a​ team of​ experts will respond to​ engine and equipment queries. Last year,​ Yard Smarts Hotline questions ranged from how to​ fight poison ivy to​ how to​ choose the​ right lawnmower-and everything in​ between. "No question is​ too simple or​ too difficult,​" says Rogers. "We're here to​ help homeowners and we​ welcome any lawn and garden questions they may have."

In addition to​ getting free answers and advice,​ hotline participants may also win prizes. Each week,​ the​ name of​ one lucky caller or​ e-mailer will be drawn and that person will receive his or​ her choice of​ a​ new lawn mower,​ pressure washer or​ string trimmer powered by a​ Briggs & Stratton engine.

In addition,​ from all the​ calls and e-mails received,​ one name will be drawn for the​ grand prize. Dr. Rogers will spend a​ day with the​ Yard Smarts hotline grand-prize winner to​ evaluate their lawn,​ provide advice on​ improving their yard,​ and answer any questions they may have. the​ grand-prize package also includes a​ piece of​ outdoor power equipment from Briggs & Stratton and a​ $500 gift certificate toward yard care improvements.

Yard Smarts is​ an​ educational program designed to​ build consumer knowledge,​ provide answers and expert advice,​ and give all consumers the​ confidence to​ handle yard care activities.

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